I didn't recognized that person 'Chapter 25'

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The whole soldiers were covering surrounded by us. My eyes were going blur and the pain was internally destroying me, i became so week at that time. Her eyes were full of tears, she was requesting soldiers for leaving me but i was not accepting to take her in prison again. They were with their full attacking things, some of them had bow which were poisoness, she couldn't believe that they are going to finish me. They knew that i was vampire, they were shocked that  have alive when i had got a deep injure.

Fortunately i saw some soldiers falling on the floor and saw someone was beating them so hazily, i was not recognizing that blur face when i was on my knees, my hands were on my head. She was so proud of that man but, i hadn't recognized that who was he and why he was helping us. Suddenly i heard a name coming out of Fauna's mouth.

'Ash!' She was shocked and was cheering, admiring a lot. I hadn't recognized when i have hears name too, she was so glad on Ash coming, when i hadn't know his name. Unfortunately he was going to be attacked by a big piece of wood, i suddenly gone there and helped him in pain also. He said me thanks for saving him and continuing his fight with them. I was so bad wounded by them, my eyes were turned into dark red orbs, blood flowing from my nose. He immediately showed the way to go from it, he pointed Fauna to go there to save herself, but she hadn't leaved me in that situation, she put her right hand forward me to go with her. I felt so pleasure to see, but i had blood tears flowing from my eyes. I was just annihilating from inside because of that wound. We found a little place, it seems that no one live here, we immediately entered in it, closed the door, Ash leaved me in a soft purple sofa. As i was so in pain, i was not able to lay on it.

'Ah!!!' I clamoured so much, the cotton was so paining me and she was so scared, Ash tried his best to make me alive. As Ash was a army student, he know everything of pain. He knew how to get rid of this pain, he was interested in doctoring but his father always wanted that Ash would become a soldier. 

'Sorry bro!' He apologized and put the medicine on my wound sudden at that time, it pained a lot to me. I clamoured again and again. I know that he didn't know how much pain i was in. He was trying to make everything emend by putting medicine on my wound. My eyes had flowed many blood drops and was still doing same. Fauna was so embarrassed for erratum which she had done, she hadn't tolerated by watching my pain, she had fear in her eyes. I had been cold and there were so less chances for me to existence in that world. I was feeling feebleness second by second curtly.


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