''The treatment chapter 4''

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She went to home and asked her parents about her blood. Her parents were confused and asked"how you know this?".

 " What do you mean mother?" she said by bending her eye brows. "When you was about at the age of 2 , your blood was drank by my enemy. He came to you by hidden in poor cloths and drank your blood , after sometime .We  came to you but you was fainted." Her parents said  the words by telling the truth.

She knew the truth by her parents and reacted so bad,asked for giving money for her treatment . Her father said " Dear we have tried but it won't work" .

"Please Dad I love my life , let me try it again." she said by tears in her yes.  

They gave her 30,000 money for the treatment , she went to hospital . There was a crowd standing in a row and no one was giving the way , she cried and stood in the last of the line . It was about 9:49 ,it was her turn now , she entered the door and told the doctor about the absence of blood in her body .

 The doctor become so depressed , she questioned about being depressed and the doctor answered that they have not blood in their hospital .The patients are asking for blood and yet ,they haven't received blood . She gone to peoples and asked for blood .

No one gave her blood and she becomes lonely. Every one were in need of blood sometime they have killed peoples to get blood , but in the case of murder , they had to go to prison . 

At mid-night.

When she was on the way home going , i saw her and asked" where were you the whole day?" She told me everything in detail .I saw tears which were coming from her eyes.

After that , i thought that i should have to do something for her . I said her that " I have a specialist doctor in my world, where vampires do live . As well as you haven't blood , they will not consider you as  a human. " 

I thought that when i was going to find the voice which was coming from inside the well. I found a door from which strange voices were coming , i understood that i was the way to go in vampire world.

She asked me for the door about , where it's located . I told her about the well from which i fell down , there was a way to go in vampire world.

She becomes happy and gone to her home to pack her bag . And go for saving her life.

When she was packing her bag in her room , Jack came and asked "Where are you going little sister?" She told about the well by mistakenly ,he asked "which well?" She becomes quiet , she loved her brother that's why she told him everything about me" 

Her brother made prank of her again and gone by putting his hand on mind gesturing , like he wanted to say , that she was mad .

She became ready and was coming to the dark tree.

                                                                                                     To be continued...

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