Want to know why? 'Chapter 29'

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'How fool is your son! he had disappointed me!' Principal shouted.

'I'm sorry Principal, i didn't know also that where do my son go at that time.'

'I will punish him at school.'

'You should Sir.'

'Good, now i am going.' Principal went to his car and was going to leave him alone.

'Huh Principal leaved me alone! how silence boy i am, i have been bearing it for so much huh, but where they had gone?  if they are not here so where are these guys? have they escaped? my wish had came true hurray!' He screamed, cheered and admired himself.


We gone to the dark tree directly. She began to think that why i always stand there and suddenly she asked me. 'Why you always stand here? wherever i saw you, only at this place. I think there is something special about that tree?'

'Yea, there is something special about this!'

'Will you tell me?'

'At the right time, i will tell you sooner or later.' I whispered.

'No! i want to hear, why i always see at dark tree?' She yelled and was annoying me.

'Huh..Okay, i am going to tell you.' I whispered and made her excited.

'O-Okay, so?' 


'Tell me?' 

'Oh. Okay..' I started. '..Some vampire's had told that there is something special in that tree, they say that it's life tree of a vampire. Wherever i have seen there is a tree of a vampire, someone told me that i belong to that tree. That made me worry, he warned me about to take care of it that's why i always round here and like to stay here.' I explained. 'And that you were wanting from me to hear.'

'O-Oh.' Fauna amused and was staring at that tree so long.

'And? what you want to ask?' I asked.

'Nothing more.' She smiled. 'Well, i had to go but..' She stopped.


'But where else i'll go?' Her words made me a little sad.

She looked back at tree, there were many sharp branches, brown leaves and has not any flower in it. I knew that she hadn't believed inside the mystery of dark tree. 'You can't believe this?' I claimed.

'I-I?' She confused and was thinking the answer that what would she say. Fauna had been lost in her thoughts. 

'It's okay.' I whispered. 'We should go your home?' 

'But-t i can't go there!' She yelled. 'Why can't you understand? when you know that what had happened so why are you repeating it again and again!' She shouted on me but i was still listening her.

'Yea, you're doing right. Continue it!' I gestured.

'What to continue?' Yelled she.

'Continue throwing your anger on me.' She remained silent and stared down the ground. 'I-I am sorry, i didn't meant to shout on you.'

 'It's okay but we should go there together to make their misunderstanding away, okay?' The moon was shining so hard.

'U-Uh But...' 

'Everything will be alright.' I gave her hope.

We went to her home.

I knocked!

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