Fauna acted like vampire "chapter 10"

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I and Fauna hid in  a big recycle box . She was blaming me every time every vampires were trying to find out Fauna and wanted to drink her blood.  In recycle box , there was so darkness. 

"That's your fault! you take me here and why had you came here! " She blamed me.

"I was here for searching a doctor for your treatment ,you understand, now please stop blaming me!" I said by shouting at her.

She was tired to stay in recycle box like dungeon ,which was full of dirty cloths,smelly rubbish. 

Her hand was cut by sharped metal, she didn't knew that from that blood every vampire will smell and will come to her! 

She came out of recycle box to take a big breath. When she jumped from it, i also jumped to make her careful but unfortunately a big gathering of vampires were all surround us. 

They all were watching her blood flowing from the wound, she saw the blood at that time. She was so trembling, i gestured her to act. She began to acting. 

She nodded and put that whole blood on her face and acted that she had eaten a human. Every vampire began to  think that she is vampire as well as like them.They gone to find that girl surround and then she continued her acting. 

When she was acting, it was so matching to the acting of vampire. It was unbelievable to me, i was so laughing from inside, it was uncontrollably to me. I laughed in a big voice and i was so proud on her at that time.

"Why are you laughing ? " She said to me like vampires.

"Your acting is amazing! you should have to be a actor, this will suit on you so much" I said by admiring to her.

"It's not funny. Well! i have done many acts in my childhood, every teacher always make me bad feel that's why, when i came to home. I do the same acting like teacher and my brother always hear my acting with enjoyment." She said by repeating her memories.

"Interesting." I laughed at her.

"Well , when i have came to your world. So ,i want to visit this world!" She said by excitement.

"Okay, we will spend here only 3 days? okay" I said to her by making less days.

She hadn't thought that her family will be worried, she enjoyed herself so much.

In vampire world, there were so less vampires who can come in human world like me and some enemies. Which were against the humans.

"At the morning"

She visited to circus with me , there were a lot of vampire families ,fun and a magical show. When we saw that there is a lot of gathering to the magical show, there should be something special  .We gone there.

She become so amazed by looking their magical tricks and they all were real tricks. We stood in gathering with vampires. There was a man who was going to choose some one for showing his magical tricks. He looked at the first row that he saw a little boy , which was sat on his father's shoulder. He chose him. The little boy came then he called the persons by his one clap, which were carrying a big box in their hands. 

When the boy came to the magic man , he said the boy to get into that box. The boy gone to the box, He said something in vampire language a magical words.

When he opened the box the boy was not there.

Every one clapped with wonder in their faces , but there was cheating Fauna understood.

She laughed so loudly and came to the stage, i become so wondered and was standing at my position. She came and said " It's not true that he had vanished that boy" 

Man asked " How" . I said " Because there is a hole down the stage,you have hidden that boy inside that hole" 

The man cheat was captured and every man gone from that formality magical circus. She was intelligent.

                     "1st day night"          

                                                                                                       To be continued.....

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