What's so strange about this place? 'Chapter 30'

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Fauna and me were standing outside, waiting for someone to come. After few seconds, I smelled a person coming close from inside. As vampire, I can examine distances and bodies. 

Suddenly a person came out of the door, which I thought will be... Jack! He was obviously grown up. I was alerted by Jack, if he attacked or whatsoever he thought to do. His eyes met Fauna's with full of anger. But when he noticed me beside her, he became appalled. 

He opened his mouth to speak and closed, opened and closed. That was all, I was noticing. Suddenly a voice beside me, taken Jack's stare away from me. 

"I am sorry!" Fauna said and started to cry on spilt milk. Her face was full of tensed. I wanted to tell her, that Jack can do nothing to you in my presence. 

Jack didn't answer to Fauna's apologizing. He was staring at me, but suddenly some tears were about to escape his eyes. He stepped towards me and hugged me with tears flowing. 

"You are alive! Thank God!" He said, his hug tightened. "But how?" His voice paled, he really won't believe if I told him. I have blood of vampire. 

"Uh.." It was a bit harder question for me, but then I turned to Fauna. 

"She saved me." I lied. 

"She saved you?" He took a glance on Fauna, which was staring at me with full of her anger and doubt. She don't lie and also don't like people lie. I stared at Jack, which was really confused, like a thousand of questions he had in his mind. 

Now, it was like he was no more angry on Fauna, his eyes met mine. He is now only angry at me. After a few minutes, Jack began to spoke: 

"Where were you!" He shouted with tears of joy in his eyes, moving back. "Do you even know, what we suffered from?" 

"Jack, I am sorry!" I made my eyes down, it was abashing me. 

"Sorry? Sorry? Huh? Is that all? Only a sorry?" He said while casting his punches on my chest. I really had no words to say. I remained silent until Jack start to speak. 

"You were alive! You even didn't come to see your parents? They were badly ill!" He was going to punch me on my face right now, but I stopped with my hand in a fast speed. 

"I said you, sorry!!!" I shouted a bit louder than him. 

Am I forgiven? 

"You should say sorry to them! Not me!" He turned to Fauna, who was standing beside me, crying. 

"Why are you here, Fauna?" He said in a rude voice to Fauna. Oh, so she is not forgiven too? 

"Cause her home is here!" I stated while stepping forward Fauna. So that I can protect her from this friend of mine. 

"But, she tried to kill you! Don't you remember." He was a bit befuddled by me, not being angry at her anymore. Why I will get angry at her? I like her... 

"I have forgiven her." I said being as cold as ice, my red eyes didn't blink. "And it will be pleasure, if you forgiven her too." I said in a bit anger tone. He stared at Fauna for about 3 minutes and then wrapped his arms around her. 

"I am sorry, sister!" Said Jack in a sweet voice. 

"I-I am sorry too!" Fauna attested. 

I smiled while bringing my hands in my pocket. 

I went to the house near Fauna's, which was completely empty. Leaving Fauna and her brother at their home. I leaned towards the door and broke the latch on it with only one hand and entered the home. 

It was something strange, some familiar, if I say so. That made me bemused. It looks familiar, but I cant remember. 

What's so strange about this place?

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