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Harum Scarum. by arummees
Harum arummees
Reckless Careless Impetuous Wild Arrogant Selfish Irresponsible Rash Heedless. Those are the words used to describe Ammah. The girl who has everything, she has done...
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A Wolf's Touch by sweet_Buttercup17
A Wolf's Touchby sweet_Buttercup17
Rumor has it that a young werewolf living on its own in the middle of the high mountains, is miraculously returning the humanity within rouges. A werewolf's touch they s...
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greed•y  -  billie eilish by WildChildx_
greed•y - billie eilishby ♡
"Hey!" "You!" "Fiona!" "I-It's Finley.." "Right Finley.. I knew that.." "I've seriously got to be somewhere in...
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Magi : 平和 & 調和 [ Reader Insert ]  by Sinner_Falls143
Magi : 平和 & 調和 [ Reader Insert ] by Lone_Gray_Wolf
Follow (Y/N) on a adventure as the story slowly progress into a change. It will be full of harmony, happiness, hope, sadness and most of all...PEACE. [ Inspired by Renka...
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My fat diary! by hippiegal321
My fat diary!by HippieGal321
This book follows my weight gain includes pictures too!
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✓ SwaSan SS : Destiny - Its All About Life ( Completed ) ✓  by AngelGoldieReal
✓ SwaSan SS : Destiny - Its All Angel Goldie
Awards Won :- 2nd Position ( SwaSan Fandom Awards ) 1st Position ( The Gloss Awards ) Summary :- Story of Swara n Sanskaar who get Married to Eachother for the Sake of...
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Greedy|y.ks by sunnybky
Greedy|y.ksby 🥞∂αωи🥞
"Who do you want, me or her?" "How could I choose? I'm too greedy."
Greedy || MiChaeng by TwiceWrites
Greedy || MiChaengby Author-nim
What happens when a suddenly rich cub raised by the poor meets an arrogant penguin who always got what she wanted? Enjoy this story with romance, comedy and a slice of d...
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Tied to the prince *Complete* by alone_storm
Tied to the prince *Complete*by ƭʝ.
"You changed me, made me stronger, made me want to believe in myself. I loved you more than anything in this world, but you left me, did this.The only person I ever...
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Pets Must Be Punished  by dragonfly13-
Pets Must Be Punished by ×DESTRUCTION×
For Violet,life as a pet is misery,everything is a fight to survive.But when she gets owned by greedy vampire things take a different turn...
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Fnaf fan art/memes by Leftmeout
Fnaf fan art/memesby Leftmeout
It's the title like come on😒😂
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My Two Greedy Mates by Mzromancegirl
My Two Greedy Matesby Mayaaa
Having two minds and one brain is hard enough but with two constant female voices echoing in your head, makes one living their life with difficulty. Meet Aph...
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The one who will never let go by blariest
The one who will never let goby blarius
This story is going to be about why this person will never let anything go. While showing that greed isn't always a bad thing. DISCLAIMER: If you don't like gore or are...
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Cruel Summer by Azvmaveth
Cruel Summerby mamamao
One word can describe Zera Torres. Childish Her childishness makes everyone happy but she didn't know that someone is unhappy with her attitude until cruel summer happen...
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Reader X Oncest The 24 Hour Challenge by KittycatHall
Reader X Oncest The 24 Hour Kittycat X
(Finished)The Idea was originally by Pajelehoocho. She has some pretty intense and funny TDI stories and other nice things to read so go look at those. :3 I like them. A...
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THE MYSTERY POWER by bloody_bitch175
THE MYSTERY POWERby bloody_bitch175
Tungkol ito sa isang angkan na lumikha ng kakaibang kapangyarihan upang puksain ang mga taong humadlang sa kanilang pangarap. ABANGAN!
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1 teaspoon by Babyrc2
1 teaspoonby Babyrc2
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Critical Role Weight Gain 2: The Second Feast by WH4200
Critical Role Weight Gain 2: The W42
After Laura has Ronin, she remembers the small amount of serum she kept for herself after the last incident, and can no longer resist the urge to put it into her system...
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Hooked by MuffinBlitz
Hookedby TheNubianQueen
Jasmine encounters Taylor, which is the richest man in the state, at a club. He takes her home and well let's just say they had some fun.
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What Is Reality Anymore?  *~Book 1 in the Reality Series~*  by Brilxeah
What Is Reality Anymore? *~Book ~ⒷⓇⒾ~
You can't run, you cant hide, once he picks you, he's inside Left, right, back again, you can't do anything to let him in, He'll pick you in a heartbeat, He'll catch yo...
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