She consented her killing"Chapter 20"

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Jack was "contemning" to her, he went to his room.  'How can she be so cruel after knowing the truth' He thought.

'Mother, police will have found the killer and will be finding me' She scared and was feeling useless and guilty.

'Dear? have you thought any plan?' 

'Let it be..' She changed her mind.

'What let it be..?'

'Let me be in jail, let me contaminate the jail, let me continue my life in jail. I am a killer, i had done a bad thing and now i am so feeling guilty, i don't want to live like a killer!' She refused to hide it anymore.

'Dear!! are you mad? How can you say like that'

'Because really, i have killed a person who had told truth every time. I had considered him a betrayer, i am the real betrayer, a killer' She accepted.

'Oh my Gosh! means you had killed a nice person?'

'Yes, a nice person.' 'A nice person which was vampire' She remembered our enjoyment journey.

'The police car noise was going loud and loud and it was coming that house near by near'

Ever and anon it was going higher.

'The door ring bells' Jack gone at the door.

She immediately ran to the window, there were many cars parked surround her home. The whole peoples of neighborhood were gathered.

She came out of home.

'I am consenting my killing, that i have killed that nice guy!'

'What, but..!!' Froler shocked.

'But i lied' She told..

'But! he is in hospital, we have took him in hospital and if you have consented your killing so we are going to arrest you' Froler pointed to the police man to arrest her.

At that time, she was so sad and was staring at manacle in her hands, which were jointed so tightly mass.

'Indeed..Indeed!, we have captured the killer' The police officer were proud of themselves. 

She entered in the car and then officers went to police station.

Unfortunately, her phone was fell in the ground while going to police station.

'No!! You can't get my daughter away from me! One day! One day, you will apologize for it!'

Her mother picked her phone from the ground, then a missed call received. She picked up the phone.


'Who?can i please talk to my friend Fauna'

'Sorry, i am her mother but who are you? and where do you live? and why do you called her?'

'Ops sorry, but i want to talk to Fauna, can i please talk to her?'

'You can't'

'What do you mean you can't?'

'Oh..I m saying that she is not here'

'So? where she is?'


'What had happened!! tell me please'

'She had done a killing'

'What!! but, but.. is she alright?'

'Why are you asking to many questions?'

'Because she is my friend, now please tell me'

'first tell me where do you live?'

'At vampire plea..Ops' He told mistakenly.

' are a vampire and you are asking because for eating my daughter'

'Oh my God!'

'I am not going to tell you!'

'Okay, i am coming there to eat you' Ash joked.

'No! No! please, don't eat me, don't come i am tell...Well! Well are you making me fool?'


'You don't know where do i live?'

'I have every detail about you'

'Lier! Leir!'

'Um..If i will come then?'

'Lier! you will not come! you are afraid'

                                     To be continued..


What will happen? will she not go in prison or she will go in prison?                                                              I want to know what you will choose?                                                                                                                          1) Will she go to prison?                                                                                                                                                  2) Will she not go to prison?

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