Vampire world is dangerous for fauna "chapter 9"

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When Jack and his friends came to the dark tree. I had gone in the vampire world to find out the specialist for Fauna. 

 When Jack returned home , he told her sister that i was not at the place of Dark tree. She became worried about me , she thought that i had gone in the well for sometime.

She packed her bag ,jumped throw window and was coming to well. It was so dangerous for her, she hadn't thought about her self.

When she reached to the well , she called me from well tip, she shouted " Joseph! please come out ,i have been worried about you! please ".

She took the rope which was lying at floor, she took that rope threw into well and was coming to the well depth. She hadn't focused that how much is the depth of the well, when the rope end at the last point, she become depressed and wanted to go inside to find me.

She thought to jump throw it, when she jumped. She fell into water , she stood and was trying to find the vampire door. She heard voices of the vampires which were coming throw vampire door. 

She walked without unknowing.

In that world , she had seen another world , she saw vampires were flying in the red sky. She became wondered"

Suddenly a vampire felt her blood ,he saw her, she was so beautiful, blue eyes. He came to her. She scared and she thought that he is coming for eating  her. 

She shouted " No! Stay away."

He said"I will do nothing to you , be some relax".

"I don't need any relaxation" Fauna said by angry face.

"Well , i have felt some blood body around me" He said by his thirsty mouth which was wanting to drink blood.


I had got a specialist doctor for her, she will be very happy. When i was coming back , i saw her in vampire world. Every vampire looked her as food. They attacked at the same time.

I ran so rapidly, hold her hand and i walked with him to a narrow street ."What are you doing here?" I asked from her.

"I came here to find you" Fauna said , i saw some worry about me in her face.

"Are you mad , do you want to die? " I said by shouting at her.

"Be calm , well what were you doing here so many time and that's your fault that you came here, ? " She asked by blaming on me.

"What the hell! you have came yourself and now you are blaming me? " I said by my facial expressions.

"Okay , when i have came here so can you tell me ,what you were doing here? " She asked by thinking wrong about me.

"You don't know how much dangerous is this place for you! " I said to her by pointing to go back with me.

She became stubborn and said "If you will tell me that what were you doing here then i will come with you".

                                                                                                             To be continued.....

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