Jack believes me as a friend"Chapter 17"

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When she saw her brother was shocked. She ran to her brother and hugged him. 

                                   "Brother, i missed you so much" She said

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                                   "Brother, i missed you so much" She said. 

                            "Where had you gone Fauna? do you know how much worried were we? and why are you crying?" He questioned.   

"Brother, don't ask right now please" She cried. 

Her parents came and loved a lot to her, they were so worried. 

"Dear, we had gone to police station many times to find you! where were you?" Her mother asked. 

She went to room with her brother, she told everything which was happened. 

"I will kill that betrayer" 

 He became nervous that i was his friend and i can't do this, he believed me from inside. He wanted to meet me and to know the truth by my mouth. Then he gone from room, he told her mother to not to tell Fauna about that "I am going to meet him" Her mother took the breakfast to her room. She didn't knew that her brother is going to meet me. 

"I think you hadn't eaten your breakfast, i have made breakfast for you right now" She entered the room. 

"Where had brother gone? She asked by her mother. 

"He had gone for sleep and he didn't want that some one come in his room to disturb" Her mother lied as Jack told. 

"Okay, i need some rest also after breakfast" She slightly said. 

She ate her breakfast and went to sleep and Jack was coming to the dark tree to meet me. I was there for many time, Jack came near to me.

"Which i am hearing from my sister, was that true?" He said. 

"Not at all" I replied. 

"So, what is the truth" He asked. 

"I am not a betrayer, i lied to protect her" I told. 

"I believe you and..?" He frankly asked. 

I told him about the doctor, he became astonished. 

"You have killed him? Why had you done, you know that you will  be a prisoner after killing and will go in jail." He became worried. 

"In vampire world, there is not any importance to kill some body, because they all kill each other for living, but i had killed him for not telling me truth" I replied. 

"My friend! why had you done this? which truth are you talking about?" He asked.

"Had Fauna not told you?"

I became happy when he called me friend.

"Not this" He confused.

I told him about the vampires which wanted to eat fauna.

"And then he tried to attack me, but he hadn't touched me a little bit. I forced him to tell that 'where was Fauna' He didn't told me, he made me angry and insisted me to kill him." I told. 


"Can i woke him mother, i need to tell him something" She asked by her mother.

"No!" She shouted.

"There is something strange" She thought.

"Why i can't meet my brother?" She asked.

"Because he is sleeping, you should have to take care of your brother" Mother advised to be a good sister.

"Okay, so i am going only to see him" She told.

"I said No! so it means No!" her mother shouted.

"Mother hadn't reacted like that in my life" She thought.

She rapidly entered room, when her mother was stopping her to not go inside.

"Brother?" She asked.

She removed the blanket and saw that there were only pillows, she turned to her mother.

"Where had brother gone" She captured her lie.

Her mother told her that he had gone for meet me, she gone into a big shock.

"What, he had gone to meet that betrayer. I hope that he will not do anything to my brother." She rushed from her home.

"Brother, i am coming" Fauna ran

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"Brother, i am coming" Fauna ran.

                                   To be continued...

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