37- Feeling the love

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"Dio ti amo così tanto, mi hai reso l'uomo più felice vivo." Antonio says with a grin.

Sadie lifted her head off his chest and looked at him "OK, I understood the I love you so much part, but what was the rest of it?"

He chuckled "You've made me the happiest man alive." He squeezed her tighter, kissing her forehead.

"I think I'm going to have to start taking Italian lessons, that way everytime you speak the language, I'll actually be able to understand you."

"I don't speak it that much, only when you've got me revved up."

"All the more for me to learn." she smiled, laying her head back on his chest.

The next morning Antonio walked in on Giorgia and Grace having a heart to heart talk, he stepped back and stood behind the wall after he overheard the two talking about Sadie. He heard his mother admit to Grace that when she first met Sadie, she actually liked her, but didn't want anyone to know that she had. She put up a front with everyone, because she never cared much for Harlow.

Hearing her say that to Grace, broke his heart but he had known all along that she never cared for Harlow from the start of their relationship.

Giorgia continued to tell Grace that she once believed Harlow was just in it for Antonio's money, and that she didn't love him, she changed her tune after Harlow passed away. She felt bad for not making it to her funeral, and to not be there for Antonio, admitting that she was getting liposuction at the time. She explained to Grace that after being there and finding out what Harlow said and had done for Antonio, the girls and for Sadie, she felt even worse. She wished she had been nicer to Harlow, wishing that she had given her a chance, and now knows that she did in fact love Antonio.

"What made me wake up and stop with my nonsense, was having a talk with Giovanni at first, but then Sadie and I had a talk, and she stood her ground. I also said something stupid just to see her reaction, and she decked me across the face with a book." she says with a grin. Antonio was still listening in on their conversation and covered his mouth, chuckling.

"It was then that I realized I needed to stop, I looked back at everything I had done and said with Harlow and wished that I was never that way with her." she says, drinking a sip of her coffee.

Grace smiled, she was happy to hear that Sadie never changed "Sadie always had a knack of inspiration in her, she always brings out what others don't see. At least the first fifteen years of her life that I knew of anyways, but I don't see that has ever changed with her in the twelve years that I was gone."

Antonio decided that he heard enough, and walked to his office. At first he was pissed and hurt about what his mother was saying, but after listening to her he knew she had remorse for her actions.

While sitting at his desk, he started thinking about what Grace told him about Sadie's father. He started to do some digging, and thought that he possibly found him. He wasn't one hundred percent sure, being that there were many Scott Kline's that he found, but from Grace's description of location and age, he was sure it was him.

Ethan stopped by to see how everything went the other night and to talk with Antonio, he walked into the living room and saw Giorgia and Grace sitting on the couch talking.

He did a double take when he looked at Grace, and his heart skipped a beat, he placed his hand on his heart and walked up to her smiling big "You don't mind if I sit and talk with you? My mother always told me to follow my dreams." Grace turned red in the face, extending out her hand to him "Hi, I'm Grace, Sadie's mother." she giggled.

"Even better." he said with a devilish grin "I'm Ethan, and single." he says, shaking her hand. Sadie stood near the staircase watching Ethan with her mom shaking her head "Ethan can you come help me with something?" Sadie asked him.

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