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'HARLEM' - {COMPLETED - EDITED} by InterracialChanelle
'HARLEM' - {COMPLETED - EDITED}by Yves Chanelle
#Romance #Urban. [18+] MATURE CONTENT. Harlem's life changes when she's given a fully funded scholarship into one of the most prestigious universities of New York. She's...
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The Girl They Never Noticed by The_Outkast
The Girl They Never Noticedby Sahar Ahmed🌺
She gave me this million dollar smile which always meant that she was about to say something that would make me love her even more. Yes. Love. I've loved her for two...
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Queen of Thieves by Toxic_Wonderland
Queen of Thievesby M. K a n e
A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Rags to riches. Pauper to princess. Nobody suspects tha...
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Agreements With Mr Rich Boy | ✓ by RapunzelsSaviour
Agreements With Mr Rich Boy | ✓by rosie🥀
[The Mr Series #1] ❝oh, you silly girl. didn't they ever tell you?... rich boys don't have hearts.❞ Don't speak to them. Don't go near them. Don't breathe within 3 fee...
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The Unnoticed Billionaire by LauraEBrown
The Unnoticed Billionaireby Laura Brown
Meet Elena, a hardworking and caring girl who works hard to save her mother who is all Elena has. One night when she is serving as a waitress in one of the most powerful...
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The Bad Boy's Girl 2 by Directioner-stagram
The Bad Boy's Girl 2by Keona Styles
Book two of The bad boys girl H.S
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The Good In Diavolo✔ by fatii227
The Good In Diavolo✔by Fatima Saleem
❝Everyone has good in them, for even the devil was once an angel.❞ ••• ▪ HIGHEST RANKING #7 IN #ANGEL ▪ ••• Brooklyn, a normal girl trying to make it in life. One encoun...
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Three Kisses ✔️ by greyfarrell
Three Kisses ✔️by Mikayla
Without hesitation I crashed my lips to his. He was too surprised to kiss back at first, but he quickly recovered and snaked his arms around me. Now I was the one not...
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Alice and The Strange World ✔️
🍄 Chapter 1 By Haythem Maatouk by HaythemHMK
Alice and The Strange World ✔️ 🍄...by HMK
Ranking #1st in tale (03/01/2020), #3 in World (11/08/2019) Synopsis: Alice Rose, an 18 years old girl, head in the clouds and hated by everyone, will find herself in...
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The Billionaires Ex Wife  by naomidxx
The Billionaires Ex Wife by oneoutof10
A TWIST TO THE NORMAL BILLIONAIRES EX WIFE STORIES. James Saunders is a billionaire. ceo, of one of the biggest companies In the world. married to the beautiful Katheri...
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She just couldn't help herself by BrookieTee
She just couldn't help herselfby Brookie Tee
highest ranking 3# overall in MAFIA 2# overall in GANGS 1# overall in WITNESS Book one in the Ms Cater series, book two will commence uploading this year. -insert- I cra...
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LUCIFER by Ebony_Princess
LUCIFERby Renique Nelson
*mature content* Dark. Cold. Dangerous. Were the words used to describe Ajax Parker. A powerful man with sources and favors everywhere. They described his business tran...
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Konohomaru's sister (Naruto fanfic) by Sprinklez888
Konohomaru's sister (Naruto fanfic)by Sprinklez888
Different's good right? Well. If different is so good. . . Why can't I show my face?whats so wrong with me?
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rivals in the sheets by imaginatorbxb
rivals in the sheetsby ♔
Meet Ethan and Lucas, rivals of two different football teams, who just happen to be childhood best friends and teenager rivals. Basically, a mix hot jocks, football, and...
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Little Ruby Red ✔ by K-L-Lord
Little Ruby Red ✔by Kelly Lord
Because he was hers to keep and she was his to protect. "Can I keep you?" Those four simple words were enough to bind Alphas Son: Caleb Grant, to his fated mat...
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Kyy Saga by writer_shivani
Kyy Sagaby Shivani
Highest rank till now #1 KYY SAGA!!! What do you think of this name? What strikes your mind with this name? Well if you ask my opinion then That is, Kyy means "KAIS...
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Mahikang Mundo by love_angeliccx
Mahikang Mundoby Mikay Miguel
A place where everything is Mysterious. "A PLACE WHERE EVERYTHING IS MAGICAL." Isang kagubatang tanging makakapangyarihan lamang ang nakakakita. Bawat magtang...
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Scarred Phase (Phase Duology #2) by cleffhanger
Scarred Phase (Phase Duology #2)by Cleffy Garcia
"Chasing his mysteries left her a lifelong scar." ------ A scar permanently marked Aster Jacques' life after betraying her boyfriend and instead chose the demo...
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Of the Twisted and the Lost by maskedechandalux
Of the Twisted and the Lostby A. W.
"Humans are a bit like glass - fragile and easily broken. They don't look beyond their world. They don't know what's out there. They don't know that I'm still out h...
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Luna of them All by Adrielle_Star
Luna of them Allby Adrielle
Hurt. Abused. Tortured. Raped. That's all Harper Mills experienced ever since she was ten years old, right after her mother died. Her father never showed her love or car...
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