36- Truth will set you free

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Grace looked up at the man that just called her Nadia, surprised "Excuse me?"

The man took his eyes away from Grace, and looked at Antonio "Antonio, I have the paperwork that you requested right here, may I sit down?"

Antonio stood up extending his arm out to the open seat next to Grace "Please sit down." Grace looked at the man worried as he sat down next to her, wondering who he was, why he was there, and how he knew to call her Nadia.

Sadie looked at Antonio with a confused look, she looked at her mom studying her reaction and then looked at the man that sat down next to Grace "Who are you?" asked Sadie.

"My name is David, Antonio's investigator. He asked me to check into your mother's claims." He looked at Grace, giving her an apologetic look "I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to scare you by calling you Nadia, I wanted to see if it was in fact you." He handed Antonio the paperwork her requested and looked at Sadie.

"Your mother's claims check out, whatever she told you is the truth, Nadia is her hidden identity name that witness protection gave her."

Grace looked at Antonio in shock "You had me investigated?"

"Yes.. I wanted to make sure you were not here to cause any problems with Sadie, and I wanted to make sure that your claims were the truth. After all these years she didn't need someone coming into her life, causing any more pain." He looked at Sadie "When I found a couple reports that were filed a year ago, the names didn't match, Nadia Baker was listed as one of the names."

"The men who had kidnapped Grace, holding her for years have been arrested, they have been sitting in the Clark County Detention Center awaiting to be transported to prison."

Grace started feeling relieved "I wasn't lying Sadie, I'm really sorry that this happened, I now regret my decision to leave the room that night, it's been killing me."

"I'm sorry that I doubted you, but you have to understand my point of view." Sadie says, wiping away tears from her eyes.

"I understand."

Antonio looked at David "Thank you, you did good." He looked at Sadie and leaned into her ear, whispering "Sure." she whispered back.

Antonio sat back up, tapping his fingers on the table, thinking "Well.. you're welcome to come to our home and talk more if you would like." Antonio says to Grace.

Grace smiled, she was happy to finally have found her and wanted nothing more than to catch up on what she missed "I would love to. It would be nice to catch up on all the years that I have missed with her." She looked at Sadie smiling, with tears forming in her eyes.

On the way home Sadie was pretty quiet, looking out the window the whole time. Antonio rested his hand on her thigh "Are you OK?"

She turned her head towards him partially smiling "I'll be fine, I was just remembering that night, that's all. I was at that hotel for about a week until my grandma came and got me. That whole time I pretty much sat in that room waiting for my mom to return, it was the worst feeling in the world. All these years, I seriously thought that she was dead. Isabella handed me the phone yesterday, and when I heard the voice I dropped the phone, I thought someone was playing a cruel trick on me."

"She called yesterday? You never said anything."

"She did, I thought it was a mean joke that someone was playing on me, and then to see her show up at the restaurant...."

Antonio patted her leg "Well now you know the truth, and what timing before you give birth and before we get married."

When they got home, Antonio took the girls out to the pool and left Sadie with her mother inside to talk. Grace showed Sadie all of her scars, her back being the worst. She showed her welts of where they whacked her with a rope and belt, and cuts that never healed.

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