34- Mystery woman

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Antonio yelled for help as he held Sadie in his arms. He looked at the lady who made her faint, thinking that she looked a lot like an older Sadie "Who the hell are you?" he asked frantically.

The woman bent down, feeling Sadie's forehead and kissed her cheek "Oh God Sadie I have missed you, please wake up."

"I'm sorry who are you?" Antonio asks, giving her a strange look, wondering who she was.

"My name is Grace, Sadie's mother." she says, looking at Sadie, with a worried look on her face.

"Everyone please give her some space." Antonio hears a voice saying nearby, he looked up and saw a man walking towards them "I'm a doctor, I can help her out." he says, as he laid her down on her back, checking her pulse and trying to wake her up. Sadie slowly opened her eyes, looking scared when she saw a guy kneeling over her.

"Will someone please get her some orange juice please." the doctor said outloud. A waiter left to grab her juice, and came back handing the glass of juice to Antonio.

Sadie looked over at her mom and then over to Antonio trying to sit up "What happened?" she asked quietly, feeling embarrassed that a bunch of eyes were on her.

"You fainted, how are you feeling?" Antonio asked, looking worried as he handed her the glass of juice.

"I'm fine."

"You should really go in and get checked out, and to make sure that the babies are OK." the doctor said to Sadie.

"No really, I'm fine." Sadie insisted.

Sadie looked back over at her mom staring at her, studying her, not saying a word "Do you know this woman?" Antonio asked her, raising an eyebrow while pointing at her.

"I thought I did." she says quietly, looking away from her mom. Antonio helped her up, and helped set her back on the chair.

"So you don't know her?"

"No... well actually yes, kind of... I used to know her. I used to call her mom, but I don't know her anymore." she says, looking out the window.

Antonio looked over at Grace "I'm sorry, but you have upset Sadie, I would like for you to please leave her alone." he says to her, sounding upset.

"I really need to explain myself, I have been looking for her for a long time now." she begged, looking at Sadie.

"Look... mom, Grace, whoever you are, I was enjoying my night, and you just ruined it by showing up here."

Grace looked at her sadly "Please.. I know it's your birthday, but I want you to please hear me out."

Antonio stood behind Sadie, resting his hands on her shoulders "I think that you should really leave, I don't like seeing her upset, and this wasn't the night to upset her."

Grace looked at Sadie sadly, she opened her mouth about to say something, but quickly shut her mouth and turned around leaving, without saying a word.

Sadie sat there quietly as Antonio went and sat back in his chair "I can't believe she just showed up here.... how in the world did she even find me? I thought she's been dead this whole time." Sadie says quietly, still in shock.

Antonio listened to her talk, feeling bad about what just happened, also feeling bad that he didn't get to say what he had wanted to say to her, before they were interrupted.

"I suppose you're ready to leave?"

Sadie looked down at her plate and back up at Antonio "No, we can stay. I'm not ready to leave just yet, I still have asparagus to eat." she smiled, letting out a little giggle as she finished her last few bites.

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