25- Moving on

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Antonio opened his eyes and looked over at Sadie, she was snuggled right up against him, he thought she looked extremely beautiful and peaceful the way she was sleeping. While looking at her he thought of Harlow's letter, and what she expected out of him.

Resting his arm on her body, he leaned forward kissing her forehead, she smiled while her eyes were closed, and let out a happy moan. She puckered up her lips wanting him to kiss her, to which he wasn't going to deny and kissed them.

Upon opening her eyes she saw Antonio's piercing blue eyes, sparkling back at her "Morning." She says, with a crackle in her voice.

"Good morning." He says back, softly kissing her lips. She wrapped her arm around him kissing him back, the kiss so loving and passionate getting themselves revved up as they rolled back and forth on the bed, kissing and moaning. Antonio stopped them from rolling around and got on top of her, poking her with his erection. He thrusted his cock in her and began making love to her, and stopped when they heard Isabella outside the door.

"Momma!" Isabella yelled, knocking on the door, causing Antonio and Sadie to jump.

"Shit." Antonio groaned in disappointment, moving off of Sadie.

"What is it hun?" She yelled, sitting up and covering herself up.

"Gabriella is in bed crying, and she won't stop."

"OK, I'll be right there, give me a minute."

Antonio looked over at Sadie "I can go check on her, you can just stay in bed." He slid out of bed, and realized that he had no clothes in the room while he was looking for them. Sadie began to laugh when he was trying to figure out what to do.

"I have a couple robes hanging on the bathroom door." she giggled. "Put one of those on."

"You want me to put on one of your robes?" He said with wide eyes, looking at her as if she were crazy.

"Well.. what else are you going to do? Go upstairs naked? Or would you just like to wear that towel?" she says, pointing over to the one laying on the ground.

Groaning, he walked over to the bathroom door and looked at his choices, a fluffy white robe or a silky hot pink robe. "You've got to be kidding me." he muttered under his breath, while he stood there staring at the robes.

He shook his head while grabbing the white one, putting that on. He walked out of the bathroom and Sadie busted out laughing "What's wrong with the pink one?" she asked while giggling.

"Very funny, at least I can hurry and make it up to my room, and throw some sweatpants on. This robe barely fits, and is just enough to cover my package if I hold the robe together tightly." he says, trying to squeeze the bottom of the robe together, peeking out the door.

He walked out, shutting the door while Sadie couldn't stop laughing. She laid there thinking about her and Antonio, and what Harlow had written to them. As for Antonio asking for her to move into his room, she wouldn't mind it at all, but still felt weird about it. It was hard knowing that, that was the room he shared with Harlow. She would rather him move down in her room, or into another room. She had to talk to him about it, and let him know what her feelings were about the whole thing.

She put on her pink robe, threw her hair up into a bun, and walked upstairs. She got to the kitchen and could hear Gabriella still crying, wondering if she should go up there and help. She figured that she better wait to see if Antonio would ask for help.

Isabella walked over to Sadie, asking if she could have a bowl of cereal.

"Is Gabriella OK?" Sadie asked, feeling concerned.

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