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He was smiling at me. The kind of smile that'd only melt your heart if you knew you were in love with someone. He was grinning so hard, his ears perked up and his eyes crinkled on the sides. When I smiled back, poof! He was gone.

I'd looked everywhere for him too. He was simply nowhere to be-

I heard the door open, and quickly shut my book, tucking it under my thigh. Turning around, I gave one of Gar's doctors a small wave. She nodded to me, rolling a cart over to his bed to check his temperature and blood pressure again. I never bothered to speak to her, because she talked like she was a full on Mexican that knew no such thing as English.

"Mmm." She murmured,"Bastante bueno."

Clicking my tongue, I stared at her curiously,"Is that good or?.."

She set the thermometer back on her cart and wrapped the pressure cuff around his arm. I bit the inside of my cheek,"Si muy bien. Muy bueno de verdad." Giving up on trying to understand her, I crossed one leg over the other and pulled my book from under my thigh. I eyed him, as she continued to squeeze the bulb, causing the cuff the rise higher and tighten around his arm.

I flipped through the pages, suddenly uninterested in my book and more focused on her dragging the diaphragm of the stethoscope over his chest. She caressed his arm softly, and I felt my face burn softly,"What are you doing?" She ignored me, proceeding to brush her hands over his upper body, touching his neck, cheeks and stomach. I stood up,"I think youre done."

She grumbled, tossing the stethoscope back onto her cart,"Estúpida. Soy el profesional."

"Yeah, right back at you, old hag." I called to her, as she wheeled the cart out of the room and down the hall. I glanced back at Gar, who was in a peaceful coma, as he has been for the past two months. I, on the other hand, had almost completely healed, and was now released from the hospital and walking away with a couple of bandaids on my arm and neck. Sighing, I brushed his messy hair from his face and stroked his cheek softly, silently wishing he was awake to talk to me.

I was so into my own little world, I didn't even notice the hand settling on my shoulder, until it grasped me, and I snapped around, slapping it away. Robin stood behind me, flinching as I raised my hand to hit him. Realizing it was him, I relaxed and slapped his shoulder,"Don't frickin' scare me like that."

"Sorry, I just came to tell you visiting hours are over. We have to leave now." He smiled meekly, and I glanced at Gar again,"I know you wanna stay, but I'll bring you right back tomorrow."

"It's not that." I breathed,"I just wonder when he's gunna wake up. It'll be three months next week, Robin."

"Well, healing takes time, (Y/n)." He threw his arm around me,"You know we had to wait a long time to see you after that fire." I looked down.

"Yeah I know."

"I'm sure he will wake up soon and absolutely love to see you once again." He gave me a reassuring smile, and I couldn't help but throw my arms around him, embracing him tightly.


"You're welcome. Now, we gotta go. I left Starfire and Yuki in the same car. There's no telling what they could be up to." I chuckled, and we meandered out of Gar's room and down the hall towards the elevator.

Stepping inside, Robin released a breath that he seemed to be holding in for a while,"So, actually, I have a question."

"Lay it on me, Birdie." I whistled, pressing the Lobby button. The doors shut slowly, and Robin leaned against the railing, clearly trying to gather his thoughts together.

"As you know, our team is down to only three of us. Starfire, Cyborg and myself. And the way Cyborg has been moping around, I doubt he will be able to last any longer than a couple of days if Beast Boy doesn't wake up soon." I mentally slapped myself. I completely forgot that Robin was the leader of a superhero team. Without superheroes protecting the city, crimes are going to shoot through the roof. I eyed him.

"Sorry, I uh.. I completely forgot."

"It's okay. Thats the reason I want to ask you this. I mean, I know it's going to be hard to juggle what with Gar and then of course you have to go back to school-"

"I'm not going back to college." I mumble, interrupting him. His face flushed.

"Uh.. right. Um.. anyway I wanted to.. uh ask you if you.. maybe-"

"Get on with it." I rolled my eyes.

"-wanna join the team?"


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