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There he was. On another rampage,"Fucking bullshit! You expect me to sit at that fucking table and act like we're one big happy family, when clearly, three of them dont belong here and two of them are gone?! You're out of your fucking mind!"

Yuki, Tyler, Starfire and I ate our dinner in peace, only emmitting the sounds of our forks scraping against our plates. I twirled my fettuccine around my fork with distaste, having lost my appetite long ago. It seemed like we all had, since no mouths had opened, even for food, in the past ten minutes. Robin's muffled voice came from the living room, followed by Cyborg's, who we could hear clearly,"You need to get your shit together man. Im not overreacting!"

I exhaled, dumping my food into the trash and cleaning off my plate in the sink. Tyler followed behind.

"What do you think their arguing about?" He questioned, beginning to wash his plate alongside me,"Has to be serious."

"Cy's still upset over Gar. It should bypass soon." I shrugged.

"And.. you're not?"

"Why would I be?" I rinsed my dish off, setting it on the rack beside the sink to dry. As soon as I started to walk off, Tyler grabbed my wrist."I know when youre upset, (Y/n)."

I scrunched my nose,"Im not upset. Im just trying to.. get through this night."

"Look, I may not have known you for very long, and God knows I've fucked up in the past but you miss him just as much as Cy does. If not, even more. And even though you're trying to keep your cool now, all of that anger is going to rise, and it ain't gunna be pretty once it explodes." His grip slipped, and I pulled my wrist back, staring at him in utter shock. He turned his back to me, continuing to clean his dish.

With a grunt, I wiped off the soap he smeared on my arm, and traipsed into the living room, just in time to hear a door slam. Robin turn towards me with a sorry look on his face,"Some people just can't be helped."

"Yeah." He frowned,"I know." He moved past me to the kitchen, assumingly grabbing himself something to eat before he went to bed as well. I found my way to Gar's room and shut the door behind me. To my surprise, they really did clean everything up. The tv was set in place, his bed was made and all of his piles of clothes on the floor were gone. His room looked brand new. I laid down on his bed, getting comfortable before slowly drifting off into a dreamless sleep.


A loud bang woke me up. I sat up slowly, yawning and blinking away the blurriness in my eyes. I pulled my phone from my back pocket and turned on my phone just as it struck three am. Another obnoxious bang rattled the house, and I was on my feet. I pushed open his door and treaded down the dark hallway cautiously, peering around the corner.

The only thing on in the living room was the tv, which was on low and broadcasting the news. I glanced out of the window into the admiral sky and yawned again. There was a small clanking noise from the kitchen, and I strayed over to the door, hesitating before yanking it open.

Robin stood infront of the fridge with the door wide open, repeatedly slamming his head into the freezer, while his hands glided over the refrigerator shelves.


"Muh?" He murmured sleepily, pulling out a tall bottle of liquor. He sluggishly set it on the countertop, before stumbling over to the cabinets and pulling out a glass.

"Robin, what are you doing?" Stepping closer to him, I realized his back was bare, and his pajama pants hung low on his waist,"Were you just-"

"Nope! No, shut up." He fumbled with the glass,"He's coming back soon, Cyborg, just.. wait." He sloshed his liquor around, trying to down it in one gulp, and ending up just spilling it over his chest.

"Okay, one, you don't drink. You're too yound." I sighed, pulling the glass away from him,"Two, why are you awake at three in the morning?"

"I gotta.." he tripped over his words,"I-I gotta keep the team together.."

"You will. But, for right now, you have got to go to bed." I struggled to keep him on his feet, and he ended up slouching on me drunkingly, pinning me against the countertop. He glanced down at me with dark, lustful eyes, grinning.

"You've got really pretty eyes."

"Thank you." I rolled my eyes, my cheeks warming. I pushed him back, but he wouldn't budge. Slowly, he began to lean forward, and my eyes widened as his nose brushed against mine.

"You're really cute when youre flustered, you know that? I can see why Gar liked you so much. You're adorable." I winced as he continued to put all of his weight on me,"Would you like if I kissed you?"

"If you what?-" His lips came crashing down on mine without even giving me a chance to breathe. My eyes screwed shut, as I tried to move him away, only giving him the advantage to shove his tongue in my mouth, dominating my own. I clawed at his back helplessly, as his hand slipped down to grab my ass. Finally, he moved away, and I took a deep breath,"Robin stop-"

"Has Gar ever done that to you? Why don't you just let him go already? He's still in a coma you know."

"How many fucking drinks have you had?!"

"Ive been drinking since dinner, so maybe.. ten." His other hand worked its way up to my chest, and he massaged one of my breasts with his thumb,"Do you like it when I do that to you?"

"N-no." I groaned, trying my hardest to get him off of me,"Stop!"

"Beg me."

"Please." I whimpered.

"That's not begging me." He grinned, beginning to suckle my neck.

"Stop it, please!"

"Give up, (Y/n). He's never coming back. Never ever. Youre gunna be stuck with the rest of these fucking idiots. Come on, think about it. He's gone, (Y/n). He's dead-" I dont know how far I drew my hand back, but it must've been pretty damn far to leave him on the floor with scratches on his cheek. He hissed in pain, spewing curses under his breath.

"Don't you ever fucking touch me.." I seethed,"Ever. And he's not dead. But if you dont leave me the hell alone, you will be."


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