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I may not be a Titan, but I will fight a demon like one.

Raven shoved me off of her, and I slammed into the reception desk. Dazed and woozy, I took a minute to watch her slowly open the door before I charged at her.

The force from how fast I ran, and how hard I slammed into her was enough for her to crash against the heart monitor and get tangled in the coords. With no other tactics, she quickly grabbed a decent sized glob of my hair, yanked it and brought me towards the floor. When my cheek collided with the cold floor, she stepped on my back and her eyes glowed as she cut the coords with ease.

I doubted that was safe.

She then sat on my back and forced my head into the floor. I growled in frustration and pain,"What is wrong with you?!"

She murmured in her infamous deep voice,"What's wrong with you?" I elbowed her in the stomach-I love my elbow-and used the time she took to double over to flip around and kick her as hard as I could into the nearby wall. She rammed into it and spine tingling fissures scattered in all directions behind her after a loud crack.

She slumped forward on the floor, as I panted on the floor, cradling my arm. For a second, I thought she was unconscious, until she lifted her head and her bright red eyes sent my heart tumbling into my stomach. She stood up, unclipped her cloak and tossed it to the side before advancing towards me slowly.

My hand slapped around on the ground for something to attack her with. When I found an old plastic rod under the bed, she already had my face squished between her thumb and the rest of her fingers. She squeezed so hard, it felt like my head was going to explode. She shoved my head backwards, and it slapped against the heart monitor as the rod striked her in the face. She wailed and stumbled backwards, holding the side of her face.

I blinked away the blurriness and jumped up just in time for her to brush past me and slam her shoulder into the head of Gar's hospital bed,"Sorry Gar!" I whimpered as I rolled over his unconscious body. She tumbled into the bed, knocking his body off and onto mine.

I could feel his breathing on my neck as I attempted to put him back in bed. But, since that was broken, I had to set him up against his bedside table,"Stop it! Can't you see hes still hurt?!"

"I don't care." She smiled menacingly.

"Of course you don't, you never did!" I spat. She launched at me, and I rolled off to the side near the window. She pounced at me again, hissing like an angry cat.

Why isnt she using her powers?

I tried to think of reasons why, while she continued to charge at me. Why wouldn't she use her powers on me? She clearly has the advantage, here,"H-hey.." I breathed, watching her stalk around me,"Why aren't you using your powers?" She just smiled at me menacingly.

With her deep voice she grinned,"He walks in the path of my light." On cue, Gar groaned. My head snapped towards him and tears rolled down my cheeks. Her smile grew wider,"Victory cannot be attained until the dark has subsided."

Does she mean she cant completely obliterate me until Gar is out of the room?

"Hahaha.." I focused back on her,"He is your light. The only reason you are still fighting is because you still believe he is alive." Slowly, she raised her hand,"To truly understand the worth of him, you must be without him completely." Her hand darkened and darkened until it was an onyx black. Her grin spread out past normal, it stretched from ear to ear, showing off way more than thirty-two sharp teeth.

Oh no.

"No, stop!!" I screamed, like it would help me. I stumbled infront of Gar, holding his head close to my chest.

"Are you really willing to risk the lives of every pathetic human in this hospital to save his and yours?" I didn't respond. I screwed my eyes shut and held him tight,"You are worse than I will ever be. And to think my father was the cruelest beast this universe could ever create. No.. it's you, (Y/n) (L/n)."

That's not true.. that can't be true. I'm not evil.. im not bad.

"I'm not bad!" I sobbed,"I'm good! I'm good!"

"We dont always get what we want." She whispered. And that's the last thing I remember.

We don't always get what we want...


Song: Bleeding Out - ImagineDragons

Welp. There it is. Im on a roll. You might get the entire ending today lol.

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