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"(Y/n)! Starfire!"


"Yuki!" We all turned to Yuki and gave her a blank look, as she figuratively shrunk in size,"What? No one called my name." I rolled my eyes, still glad she was here.

Actually, no. I wasn't. They needed to leave now.

"Guys, quick! Go back through the portal!"

"What? Why?" Robin turned back to it, just in time to see it shrink to nothingness. I craned my neck and sighed just as Fake Gar lifted off of me and sank back to his original position. I sat up and rubbed my probably bleeding skull just as Robin's arms slipped under mine and lifted me to my feet. We heard an ominous chuckle echoing off whatever walls this place had and heading towards us in all directions. Robin's grip tightened on me.

"Because it's a trap." I told him in my best monotone voice.

"Raven's working with the Trigon." Starfire held Robin's other arm and her green eyes began to glow. Everyone's face tensed at once. It wasnt the first time Ive been left in the dark.

"Er, who's Trigon?" I asked. I instantly regret letting that question fall from my lips, because the ground trembled lightly more fiercely as seconds passed. It felt like an eternity before we regained our balance and Raven appeared behind Fake Gar, not grinning, but frowning.

"I am not working with him." She seethed.

"I thought you wanted to protect Earth! Not destroy it!" Robin countered, taking a step forward. Fake Gar got into position to fight with ease. Robin stopped moving and held up his staff.

"I don't want to harm Earth. I want my Gar back." She stared directly at me, frowning and waiting for me to feel guilty.

"Your Gar?" I hissed,"What part of the freaking memo did you not receive?!" I took twice as many steps as Robin did forward. Nobody moved, all eyes were on me, and I think I needed it that way,"Gar chose who he loved. He loves me. I cant change his mind. I can only encourage him. You should want to do that too. But only wanna break him down. Build someone up for once, will you?"

No words were said. Not even from Raven. Suddenly, she drew her hands together, fanned them out as if she were stretching her fingertips and waggled them at Fake Gar. Slowly, a Fake me emerged from her, walked right up to me and stood in my face. The impact from her hand colliding with my hand was so hard, it sent me to the floor with a deep cut on my cheek.

I couldn't even see what else was going on. My tears blurred everything as I cupped my cheek and winced. A hand stretched out towards me, and before I could even think it over, I grabbed it. It seemed like it took no effort at all for Fake me to send me flying through the air and crash landing on my back. I hissed, rolling on my good side in pain. Fake me hovered over me and grinned.

I squinted at the rest of the team. We were all fighting doubles of ourselves, while Raven and Fake Gar grinned mischievously and watched from the sidelines. Gar caught a glimpse of me, and watched me with no emotion at all. I continued my intense staring contest with him as Yuki flew past my face, and it seemed like everything else around me was blurred or blocked out as I watched him, hoping that even if he wasn't the real Gar, he'd have at least a small, tiny ounce of remorse. His smile grew.

He was toying with me.

As the realization snapped, Fake me had already wrapped her arm around my throat and arched my back with her knee. I crumbled to the ground in a fit of coughs. But my eyes never left Fake Gar until I saw Raven opening a portal. And it looked like it was right ouside a hospital room.

Oh no you don't.

I used all the strength in my feet to kick away Fake me, and it still wasn't enough. Raven was halfway through. I elbowed her in the chin and  her grip slipped. I wrenched my wrist from her grasp and grabbed her throat, shoving her back. She fell back on her but and I struggled to my feet , racing to Raven. If she hadn't taken that second to look back at my oncoming figure, she would've made it through without me.

When I sat up, I was right outside of Gar's hospital room with her underneath me.



Honestly im pretty happy with the way this story turned out. I think there'll be like two more chapters and an epilogue? I dunno. It all depends on how this story pans out.

Maybe ill have another posted today. Hopefully.

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