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I wish I had a dollar for every time ive gotten a headache around a Titan. I'd be richer than Scrooge McDuck.

I sat up slowly, grunting, my hands burning and dripping with sweat. As my blurry vision jostled around, I caught a glimpse of Starfire's neon hair. I crawled over to her, my knees scraping against whatever hard ground I was sliding against, and I set her head in my lap. Her eyes fluttered open, mouth slightly ajar.

"W..what happened?" She slurred. Instead of answering, I took a look at our surroundings. As always, I had no idea where we were or could be. The ground was scorched and burnt like used charcoal, with small lava-looking cracks spreading out every which way. I involuntarily yawned, blinking the returning blurriness from my eyes and I looked back at Starfire. She seemed just as clueless as I did, her head still lolling around on my lap.

But something caught my eye.

My eyes snapped over to this thing curled up on the ground much like Starfire had been moments ago. It was breathing; lightly but surely. It had to be a person in that fetal position. When I recognized who it was, tears began to roll down my soot covered cheeks, and I pushed Starfire's head off of my lap. I staggered over to the body and collapsed ontop of him.

"Gar!" I screamed. I screamed and screamed until it felt like my vocals were dried out and failing me. I sobbed into his suit and pulled his head close to me by the nape of his neck with my good hand. Not even caring about the bursts of pain spiking my arm, I threw my other arm around him and embraced him tightly.

It wasnt until I felt his sad excuse for a hug back when my entire world shattered and fell around us. He was alive. He was hugging me. He was alive.


I felt another pair of arms wrap around us and was relieved to find Starfire's cheek pressed against my shoulderblade.

"I am the very happy for you two." She whispered,"Welcome back, friend Beast Boy."

When he didn't respond, I dropped my arms from around him, which loosened Starfire's grip. I sat back and cupped his cheeks,"Gar?" I brushed my fingers along this cheekbones and my index fingers dragged across his ears. I pressed my lips to his forehead and drew back when he didnt respond to that either. It was then when it dawned on me that Gar had no coloration at all. His face was a pale, ghostly grey, his suit was smoky color and his belt was black. But what scared me to the core is when he opened his eyes.

I gasped, scooting back with my good arm and pulling Starfire back with me. She helped me to my feet as we stared back into Gar's blood red eyes. He showed no real emotion. Nothing but a plastered grin on his face that grew wider by the time his head lifted all the way to look at us.

"How cute." The ground trembled.

"Oh no.." Starfire muttered. She pulled me behind her and held a tight grip on my wrist.

"What's happening?!" I shouted as the ground rumbled in discomfort. The louder the grumble, the shakier things got. Then suddenly, everything went still. We dropped to our knees, and stayed there for a good minute.

"So.. these are it?" A male voice spoke, sounding very displeased with our presences.

"Only two of the seven." I didnt even have to guess who that was.

"There are seven of them?" He questioned in surprise. There was a short pause before Raven responded.

"Yes. But do not worry. They are all weak."

"What do you suppose we do with all of them?" There was another pause, and Starfire's grip tightened on my wrist so much so that her knuckles turned a light shade of pink.

"..Destroying them will only make it worse. We keep the human here. You let my friend go. But expect them all to show. It wont be long before they realize they're gone." Raven's voice faltered at 'friend'. Apparently, im not the only weak one here.

"I will not harm her until all have shown up." His voice rose. The ground shook, almost like it was fearful.

"I will bring them here at once." A sudden portal popped up beside us, towering over the both of us with an ominous black aura.

"Now's our chance!" I whispered to Starfire. She only nodded. We counted to three and charged the portal, only to be met with disappointment when we bounced right back on our butts.

"It's one-way, dumbasses." Raven snorted. The portal closed and another opened a few feet away. We didn't even bother to try,"Hm. It seems they care less about you two than I pegged. Maybe if they see you in danger.." her voice trailed and her fingers clicked.

Everything went in slow motion; the blow to Starfire's stomach, her skidding across the ground like a skipped stone on a lake, the paws on my chest shoving me to the ground, my head slamming against the surface and sounding off with that familiar crack , the baring teeth and snarl and hot breath on my neck.

Before long, there were titans pouring in from the portal and that could only mean one thing.

Her plan worked.


Ah fiddle sticks. I hope you humans know what a Trilogy is. Id hate to give a definition.

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