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The rest of the Titans came back an hour later all but happy. I was resting on the couch, cradling my arm when I heard the elevator ding and slide open. When I sat up to look at them, it was only Tyler who was facing the opposite direction, most likely stepping in instead of out.

They were now around me looking absolutely exhausted,"How'd everything go?"

Robin was the first to speak,"Terrible."

"Really?" I looked at him.

"There was no evidence that Raven had even been in jail." Yuki cut in,"It's like she never went in the first place."

"Yeah. It was so strange." Robin said,"What are we going to do now? Without powers, you, Yuki and Tyler have no use to this team. Amd were still down two titans. Which leaves only us three. The three of us cant fight all crime."

Starfire sighed,"I hope Beast Boy is doing the okay. I have not visited him in the long time."

"Actually, I dont know how hes doing either." I admitted,"I havent gone back since they didn't let me see him that time." Robin shot me a sad look,"We can go together soon, Star." She nodded as a response.

"So what happened with you and Romeo? He seemed so eager to leave just now." Cyborg butt in. I sighed.

"I pissed him off because I wouldn't let him make out with me in that bathroom."

"Woah woah woah." Yuki said,"My brother tried to make you suck his face off?" I shrugged then nodded.

Well when you put it like that..

"Grr, when I get my hands on that idiot's throat, Im gonna—"

"No dont!" I blurted,"Its my fault. I shouldn't have gone on that date with him. I think it made him think I liked him back."

"You think? Tch." She muttered. Everyone turned to her, and glared. I looked up at her.

"What did you say?"

She shook her head,"Nothing."

"You told me to go on the date with him!"

"I did." She shrugged.

"So what the hell does that supposed to mean?!" I stood up.

"It means I didn't expect you to fuck him!" She blurted, then covered her mouth. Her cheeks darkened, and so did the others'.

"..How did you know I—" The elevator door slid open, and Tyler sauntered in with all eyes on him. He froze, and I took the time to launch at him and tackle him to the ground.

Above all of the protests and cries of the others about my arm, I screamed,"Let me see your phone!" The anger and rage surging through my body blocked out the pain shooting in my arm, as I pinned his arms down and felt around for his phone. He growled and spat curses at me, and when I found it, I snatched it out of his back pocket and rolled off of him. He sat up on his knees, and stared at me in horror as I scrolled through his phone and saw he was connected to the Titan tv. I pulled up his pictures on the tv.

There were at least twenty pictures and a video. All of them were me, naked. I was asleep, curled up in a fetal position in some, sprawled out in other. He had the decency to blur and censor out my privates with scrawny words like 'Mine' and 'yesss' and emojis. I didn't even want to see the video. I tossed his phone to the side, and he caught it. I covered my mouth as tears welled in my eyes.

Not only did he take pictures of me without my consent, but he also forwarded them to Robin and Cyborg, who probably showed them to the girls. I felt mortified.

"(Y/n), I didn't mean to-"

"Dont—" I raised my good hand, drew it back and slapped him as hard as I could. He stumbled back staring at me in pure shock. I stood up, wobbling to the elevator with my shaking knees and pressed down,"Im sure the team can manage without me."

"No! Wait!" Robin cried, but the door already shut. I backed up to the far wall of the elevator cradling my arm as tears slowly slipped down my cheeks.

I was tired of crying.

But I decided I was going to go home for good. Regardless if my mother still loved me or not.


Not dead. Still going. School starts soon. Noooo.

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