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Warning: smut/fluff alert. Cant handle it? When you see the first • it begins, the second •, it ends. Please do not hate on who I chose to write smut about. And please read the ending for any confusion. Thaaaanks!


Tyler's idea of a date was taking me out to the café at seven something in the afternoon. Not that I was complaining. Jump City's café had the best (f/k) milkshakes. We sat down in a small booth at the back and waited for our waitress.

I didn't want to pend to small talk, but apparently, Tyler did,"So, what's your favorite color?" Instead of answering, I took a bunch of creamers and began stacking them on the table. One by one, they formed a tower, all depending on the next one not to tumble over or all of it would collapse.

"You told Yuki this was a date?" I asked flatly. The tips of his ears turned a beet red, and his gaze shifted out of the window to the setting sun.

"I-I didn't mean it like that. I told her I was taking you out and she got all hyperactive." He looked nervous, his hands clasped together inbetween his knees, and his forever stare out of the small window we had. I shook off my coat, revealing the sleeveless black turtleneck he and Yuki picked out for me. He turned back to me, realized I had stripped down to my turtleneck and his eyes drifted back out the window.

"Do you want this to be a date?" I question, taking down the creamer tower. I saw our waitress heading over. He gave me the most sincere look and opened his mouth, but the waitress popped up quicker than I thought.

"Hi! I'm Ashley, and I'll be your waitress today!" She clicked her pen enthusiastically and set it on her notepad,"So, what can I get you two?"

"Can I have a (f/k) sundae please?" I crossed my legs. She nodded eagerly and scribbled that down.

"I'll have the same thing, and a side of large fries please." Tyler nodded to her, and the waitress wrote that down as well.

"We'll be right out with your order!" She beamed before heading off in the other direction. I watched her platinum curls bounce away, then turned to Tyler.

"You're gonna eat an entire basket of fries? This should be fun to watch." I chuckled. He shook his head and smiled, his killer dimples showing once again.

"I ordered them so we could share them." I silently made an 'o' and pressed my mouth into a thin line,"They're great when you dip them in your sundae."

For some reason, I became skeptical,"You sure?" He nodded. Smiling, I leaned back and picked at the small fuzzy pieces on my sweater. This was not as bad as I thought it would be, but we still have to get through eating and getting home, so this could take a terrible turn.

Soon enough, the waitress returned with our sundaes and, not long after, our fries. Tyler carefully took a long fry, dipped it in his sundae so it got coated in icecream, and then stuck it in his mouth. He chewed slowly, then smiled at me again,"Try it."

With my skeptic levels still shooting through the roof, I grabbed a small fry and carefully dipped it in my sundae and pushed it into my mouth. I was so surprised at the cold and hotness, sweetness and saltiness of the fry and sundae, I didn't even realise I was reaching for another.

"It's good, right?" He grinned. I nodded. We continued to eat with no words for a while, occasionally sneeking glances at eachother. Sometimes he smiled at me and I would cover my mouth to avoid showing him a mouth full of mashed fries and melted icecream. After a while, we were scooping the last bites of out icecream from our glasses, and picking off the misfit fries in the basket.

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