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"What the hell is going on?" I heard Robin mutter beside me. Sirens blared in our ears, red lights illuminated every crook and corner of the room. There was a loud bang as I looked over at Raven's cell.

Only she wasn't in there.

"It's a setup!" I call to him,"Raven has escaped!"

"Fall back!" He yelled. I did as told and shuffled back to the door. There was a loud clanging down the hallway, and then a blast. Robin grabbed my arm and we raced out of the prison. When we spotted Raven, it was already too late. She looked back at me with a frown, before entering a red portal,"Get in the car." Robin ordered. I scrambled into the front seat, and before I could even hook my seatbelt, he sped off down the street. He wasn't heading towards the still open portal. He was heading away towards the tower.

"But the portal's still open! We can catch her!" I pleaded, looking out of the rear view mirror. I grabbed the steering wheel and we swerved, making a big U-turn in the street. He clung to the back of his seat, as I drove from the passenger's seat, speeding. The car screeched to a stop right infront of the portal, and I realised it was too high for the car to reach. And it was slowly closing,"Robin." I snapped my head to him. He looked at me, alarmed,"You have to use your staff to get us in there."

"What? Youre crazy!" He announced.

"You have to do it now! It's closing!" I pointed to it, and he shook his head."Oh for goodness sake-" I grabbed his staff from his side and threw open the door, racing towards the portal. Almost there, I shook the staff for it to extend. But it wouldn't,"What the hell?!" I kept running, shaking the staff and trying to catch the portal. When I finally got the staff to work, the portal had closed, and I flew through the air, aiming at the now empty space.

I crashed to the ground, frustrated and in pain. Sitting up slowly, I threw the staff to the side and clutched my shoulder,"Fuck!" Not long after, I spotted Robin rushing towards me.

"Are you okay?" He kneeled down and grabbed my arm, as pain exploded in my shoulder.

"Shit!" I screamed,"Fucking shit, stop!" He dropped my arm warily, and I cradled it as he helped me to my feet,"I almost... I couldve made it." I shook my head,"She was right there.."

"Maybe it's best that you didnt make it in. What would you have gained on the other side?" I looked at him and frowned.


We turned back around and Robin drove home slowly, a thick silence filling the car ride. It was even quieter in the elevator. When we stepped into the living room, it was empty. Robin ordered me to sit on the couch, and I did so. Tyler sauntered into the living room soon after, sipping on a glass of water. Or maybe it was vodka.

"Tyler, where are the others?" Robin asked. Tyler shrugged.

"They all went to the prison I think. I guess they got word of some sort of jail break. Yuki wasnt supposed to go but she insisted." This earned a nod from Robin.

"Okay. You stay here and get treated for that sprained shoulder. Im going back."

"Im coming with you." I stated. He shook his head.

"No. Youre going to stay here. Tyler, can you perform first aid?" Tyler nodded subtly,"Good. I'll be back." And with that, he was back into the elevator.

Tyler took me to the bathroom and found a small blanket to use as a sling. He tied it around my neck to support my arm, and then put a bandaid on the scratch on my face,"There you go. You should be all fixed up."

"Thank you." I mumbled. I should've expected it when he leaned into kiss me. But for some reason, it still caught me off gaurd. It baffled me even more when he started trailing down my neck. I stuttered for a second, collecting my words before pushing him back with my good arm,"Stop."

"What? What is it?" He sighed, stepping back.

"What we did.. that night.. it shouldn't have happened. Im sorry, Tyler." He frowned. It was like I could hear his heart shattering,"I dont mean to hurt you its just that-"

"Youre in love with someone else." He rolled his eyes. I slumped. He ran his fingers through his hair,"You know wha? Youre selfish."


"Yes. You." He stepped back, anger written on his face,"I can't believe I fell for someone like you. I can see why my sister hated you." He then turned and stormed out of the bathroom.

"Tyler wai-Ow, fuck." I hissed, holding my shoulder. I wouldn't have been able to chase after him anyway. So that was pointless.

Besides. I had more pressing matters to attend to.


Talk about rude. Huff.

Well. Im still not dead. Just procrastinating. I hope you liked this chapter anyway.

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