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I sat on the roof by myself, staring at the beautiful sunset before me. Normally, this would give me so much inspiration to jump about, but right now, I didn't even feel like breathing.

I swung my feet. I was actually contemplating on jumping. Would anyone miss me? Would Tyler miss me? I was no longer so important in his life. I used to be the fun-loving, cute, adopted little sister, but without him, what am I?

The sister part immediately fades away, and without him, nothing is fun. Apparently, my cuteness isn't enough to win Robin from Starfire and (Y/n) so what is my purpose? Am I just another face in this dumb town?

I hated that Robin's rejection made me rethink everything about myself. I thought I had my entire life planned out with him in it. But, what would I have done if I never met him? Everything seems to revolve around (Y/n). She gets the guy and the arch enemy and she has all she's ever wanted in her life. She even has Robin revolving around her. And it made me want to smash her pretty little face in. But, I couldn't do that. She's my friend. She took care of my brother and saved us from a burning building. She's practically family now.

I sighed, standing to my feet and walking back into the tower elevator, pressing 'down'. The ride was silent, and I stared at the random papers scattered on the wall. But one caught my eye. I didn't understand if it was an ad or a flyer, but it got me thinking.

NEW LOOK, NEW YOU: Tired of your appearance? Then change it! Get your hair cut today and leave us looking better than ever!

There was a small picture of a barber shop at the bottom, and I grinned. Cut my hair..cut my hair!

"Cut my hair!" I said aloud, just as the elevator opened. The Titans, (Y/n) and Tyler looked back at me with confused faces.

"What?" Tyler asked.

"Robin," I looked at him, and his eyes widened,"Do you have scissors in your bathroom? He nodded, and I rushed off to the bathroom, shutting it behind me. I dug around for the scissors and slowly pulled them out of the cabinet behind the mirror. They were black and sharp. Hair scissors. Perfect.

I took down both of my ponytails, and my hair fell to my waist. Grunting, I moved the scissors to right above my shoulders and I began to cut. Tiny parts at first, and then chunks of it, and I watched my fiery red hair fall lifelessly to the floor around me. I cut and cut until my hair evenly ended at my shoulders, and I grinned.

But something was missing.

Squinting, I slowly wiped the make up off my fave, revealing my orange freckles around my nose. I always hated them, but now that my hair was cut into a bob, they made me look pettier. I widened my eyes at my appearance, touching my face lightly. Then, I looked down at my feet, immediately regretting cutting my hair. I slumped down, gathering all of my cut hair into my arms and sitting against the countertop. I should've never done this.

Silently, I began to sob.


I must've been in there a pretty long time, because when I raised my head, there was a knock at the door.

"Don't come in." I muttered, wiping my already dried tears.

"O-oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you or.." Robin stuttered on the other side,"I just wanted to check on you. Youve been in there for hours."

"Hours?" I repeated, sniffling. I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked like a mess. My blue eyes were bloodshot and dull, my recently cut hair was frayed and messy, and my cheeks were redder than ever.

"Are you okay? I know we didn't uh.. finish talking earlier. But.. um-" I pushed open the door, and he stared back at me, alarmed and wide-eyed,"Y-you uh.. you cut your.."

"I know." I cut him off, brushing my hair down,"It looks stupid.."

"No!" He exclaimed and then drew back, regaining his composure,"I mean.. it looks good on you. You have freckles?" I nodded, rubbing my eyes.

"I wear makeup to cover them up." I explain. He gave me a crooked smile.

"You look really pretty with them." I felt like throwing up.

Flushed,"Well, uh, I think I'm gunna skip dinner and go to bed. G'night." I gathered up my hair and put it in the trash can, before sliding past him. He then grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into a hug. I stumbled, but caught him. He held me in a tight squeeze, then abruptly let me go.

"Goodnight Yuki." I staggered away from him, all the while, my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

What just happened?


Two in one day? You must be so proud of me. There goes another! Hope you enjoyed.

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