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"Y-you want me to join the team?" I echoed, giving him a 'youre fucking crazy' look. He laughed a deep, throaty laugh, and it bounced off the walls of the elevator.

"Yes, whats so bad about that?" He grinned.

"Well," I deadpan,"I have no superpowers or talent, I'm not strong, and have you forgotten the fact that I'm a fucking coward?"

"You're a coward?"


"You escaped a possessed demon girl in a burning building, and managed to save three other people along with you, you surived a what? 400 foot drop into ice cold water, managed to survive another demon from clawing your heart out, and you saved a superhero from a robotic head hurdling towards him. I'd say you are pretty cool, not to mention strong and courageous."

I stared at my feet, flustered.

"But I mean," Robin shrugged,"That's my opinion." Before I could retaliate, the elevator dinged, and the doors slid open, revealing the lobby. He strolled out, leaving me to stumble after him, dumbfounded.

"B-but, wont I need powers or something?! I'll be complete uselessness to the team without powers."

"Hm. That's sort of true. We would be able to give you powers if Raven was still a part of the team but uh.." he scratched the back of his head, pulling the T-car keys from his pocket,"You know what happened with her."

"Yeah. I happened with her." I grumbled, kicking a random rock.

"Maybe you could help us with the minor crimes for now."

"Tch. "Minor crimes" he says." I huff. Pulling on the T-car door. As soon as it unlocked, Yuki tumbled out, faceplanting on the concrete,"Jesus Christ, are you okay?"

She sat up, grunting,"Fuck no!" She hissed,"Robin left me in there with that hyperactive monster!"

"I am not the monster!" Starfire cried from the backseat, zapping Yuki in her bottom with her eyes. She let out a girlish squeal, hopping behind me. I chuckled, sliding in the back seat. She nearly pushed me over trying to hug me.

"(Y/n)! I missed you! How is he? Will he be okay?" She squeezed me tightly, and I panted for air.

"If you would.. let me go.. maybe I'd be able to.. tell you!" I wheezed, and she immediately unwrapped her arms from around me, as I clutched my chest, gasping,"He's fine. Still in a coma."

"Bummer." She pouted, as the engine flipped over, and the car roared to life. Robin then proceeded to speed down the street, turning onto the highway,"I hope he wakes up soon. We even redecorated his room for him!"

"Yes,"Starfire chimed in,"It is the bright and the shiny!"

"We painted his room a bright green, put all of his stinky clothes in one basket, folded his others into a drawer and cleaned his room of all gunk and grime!" Yuki giggled, combing her hair with her fingers.

"That's really nice, guys. But, I don't know if Gar will appreciate that. I think he enjoyed his room being dirty." I shrugged, staring out of the window. It was slowly darkening, and the sky was now a beautiful lilac color.

"Well, he's gotta deal with it now, because we already cleaned it." Yuki sat back, crossing her arms. This made me smile.

"So, Yuki, Im going to ask you the same question I asked (Y/n)." Robin cleared his throat, glancing at Yuki through his rear view mirror.

"Whatcha got?" She quizzed. I sighed, facepalming.

"Really? Youre going to ask her too?" I glared at him,"You know you're playing with fire."

"Don't worry, (Y/n). You've had your chance to play with fire. Now it's my turn." I bared my teeth at him, glowering ever harder,"Yuki, would you like to join the Teen Titans?"

"Sure!" She beamed.

"See, I told y- wait did you just say yes?" I stared at her wide-eyed.

"Yeah! Why not? It'll be fun."

My head snapped back towards Robin,"I hate you." I seethed. He smirked mischievously.

"It'll be temporary. Just until we get our team back together, got it?"

"Yes sir!" She chirped, saluting.

"Nice job, Sherlock. Now, how do you plan to find her and me superpowers?" I grit my teeth, and he turned his focus back to the road.

"Actually, I was hoping you would figure that out." There was nothing but trouble seeping from his words.

"What do you mean?" I question.

"Well, there's another little birdie I'd like you to speak to." And with that, he turned the car off, and I was left to stare at the large, ominous building hovering over us.


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