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Whatever I was sleeping on felt soft. Soft and comforting. Soft like my mother's chest when I laid on it as an infant. Soft like the teddies I cuddled with when storms passed. Soft like Gar's hair when I buried my face in it.

Soft, soft, soft.

When I finally got my eyes to pry open, I was greeted with warm light. It carressed my face and wiped away every bad thing that has ever occurred in my life. I sat up in a dreamy daze, sighing, yawning like I just endured the best sleep in my life. But what really woke me up was the person that just passed through me.

I shook my head and did a double take for clearance, as I turned around and watched the ghost-like lady continue forward into the beautiful light. I stood up and raced to catch up to her. Her stride was so graceful and fully of dignity, it was hard to keep up with her with my poor excuse for human legs.

Wait. Where are my legs?

Panicking, I raised up the flowing gown I had on, greeted with my legs and sighing in relief. I looked.. more transparent than usual though. I dropped the hem of the ground and looked up suddenly aware of the streets full of rubble. I passed around the broken hospital equipment and-is that a dead body. I strode over to it, leaning over the corpse. It was the woman I just saw, but her face was caved in, bloody and mangled. Her arm had been disoriented, along with her lower half being crushed by a slab of wall.

I passed over another dead body, and another, and another. The streets had bodies, body parts and concrete strewn about everywhere. I glanced up and  noticed the caved in building before me, crumbling to pieces. Someone else passed through me, and it semt a shiver down my spine. Only, it wasnt a spirit like that lady. It was a human. They charged right through me, slid on their knees and cradled a girl that looked strikingly similar to me. I crept over to him, and he looked.. like..

"Gar!" I screamed. I reached out to him,"Gar, you have no idea how happy I am to see you ali-" my hand passed right through him and I landed right in the rubble beside him. Tears streaked his cheeks as he hugged my body. The body that wasn't moving. Or breathing,"Oh no.. no no no no.." I murmured, backing away from him. I covered my mouth with my hand and sobbed. This can't be right. No way. No.

"Stand back!" A policeman shouted at him, as another gently grabbed him. An EMT hurried next to the policeman and held a defibrillator. He places the electrodes on my chest and yelled,"Clear!"

I didn't bother watching. I sank back and sobbed,"No.. I wasn't supposed to die.. please no.."

"Excuse me." I gasped and stumbled back as a small child stood next to me. She looked exactly like Raven, only she wore white,"Excuse me, (Y/n)."

"W..what the fuck did you do?" I whispered.  Then, I grabbed her by her leotard straps and shook her violently,"You killed me, you son of a bitch! You killed me!" She looked at me bewildered and scared. I dropped her as my hands trembled in anger,"I can't believe I'm dead.."

"I-I'm sorry.." she whispered.

"Sorry's not going to cut it anymore."  I clenched my fists. She stood there staring at my dead body as they tried to revive me. I sat down, defeated. She sat next to me, and I scoot about three inches the other way. She craned her head towards that warm light.

"They're all headed off to the Heavens." She told me. I set my head on the palm of my hand,"Why aren't you going?"

"I have to?" I deadpanned.

"Well, usually people that die are drawn to the light."

"Well im not."

"Those who aren't usually go to Hell." I turned towards her.


She sat back on her hands,"Yeah. If youre not drawn to that light, then youre going to Hell. Either that or you roam the Earth for all eternity, stuck with your regrets and unfinished jobs before you died, waiting on someone to do or fix it for you. That usually takes a long time, too."

I covered my face,"I really am a bad person, then."

"Not all people were born to be good." She picked at something, a scab most likely on her knee, and turned her head towards the opposite way,"That way is Hell. "

"I thought you either went down or up."

"You do. But this is the In Between. The Heavens and Hell have a way things work too, yknow." I nodded solemnly,"I have the power of resurrection. But.. I can only bring one of us back."

"Then why haven't you jumped at the chance?" I ask her in surprise. She shrugged.

"I wanted to bring you back." She murmured.


"Yeah, I mean. I'm a demon. There's only so many ways to kill a demon, and that way wasn't it. Hell, Azarath and places like such are basically my homes. I could go there any time. But, youre a human. You only have so much time on you home. You died because of me, and Im not even really dead."

"Youre not?" I tilt my head at her. She stood up, still the same height as me, even if I was sitting down.

"Nope. Well, I mean. Ive been.. so you say.. recreated. I think that jealous side of me took control of my entire form. I am all that was left of that."

"So youre not a kid."

"My age would scare you, kid." With that, she laughed,"No, I'm kidding. But seriously, let's get you back to your Gar."

Unconsciously, I smiled at her as she whispered,"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

I gasped, sitting up and holding my head.

"She's alive!" Someone cried next to me, making my head ring. I was suddenly tackled by someone, and their head pressed against my chest, as my heart beat wildly.

"You're alive! Youre alive!" Gar sobbed into my chest, and I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I am." I grinned. Something caught my eye. I turned my head towards a small pile of concrete and spotted Raven's cloak. It was dirty and covered in small pieces of concrete and soot, but I pulled it from the rubble and clipped it around my neck,"Sometimes we dont always get what we want," I turned back to him,"But Im glad I've got you."

His face broke out into a shit-eating grin, and he charged me, knocking me off my feet. I laughed as he kissed my forehead,"I'm glad I've got you too."

Song: Thousand Miles - Tove Lo


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