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A New Life by gamergirl0409
A New Lifeby Sleepdeprived_writer_09!
Dick left the young justice and the bats a while ago and now has a new life with a new team and some challenging things. What happens when the Young justice comes and lo...
After Apokolips by FandomPride101
After Apokolipsby TheWrittenWord
Raven begins to have visions. But for what exactly? Something that took place in the past? Or maybe a warning to the future. Our superheroes are unaware of the fact tha...
The Impures by Revilo1337
The Impuresby L.T.S
New story so I just started writing it! tell me what you think about it. Set a couple of weeks after The Judas contract, Damian is struggling with an identity crisis, no...
Sinful life in DC universe by True_Genesis
Sinful life in DC universeby I am Him
Abnormal is a word you could summarise my entire life from the day I was birth to the moment I died, My Father was the head of a well-known Mafia organization, Something...
Kittens and Titus [Damian Wayne (Robin) x O.C.] by PlasticStarPaperMoon
Kittens and Titus [Damian Wayne (R...by M A R A J A I
"Is there anything in this world that actually amuses you?" Jade asked as she looked up at the streetlight lit sky of Gotham. "As a matter of fact, I am...
❤️Damirae💜 by Atownsend17
❤️Damirae💜by Atownsend17
Damian Wayne and Raven have been best friends for four years but start to develop feelings for each other. They spend their day to day lives together with the teen titan...
The Last Stand (Damirae) by starrynights03
The Last Stand (Damirae)by Starry._.night
This is meant to be set after the events of the Justice League: Dark Apokolips War. I will just assume that the heroes won against Darksied but Raven is still struggling...
Nothing But a Number (OC/Male Reader x Teen Titans DCAU) by zer0420
Nothing But a Number (OC/Male Read...by Zer0420
The number Zero means nothing. When you add Zero to the number one, you get the number one.Zero is nothing but a number. A number that holds infinite possibilities and o...
Raven meets the Avengers by dontbeamoron
Raven meets the Avengersby dontbeamoron
(DCAMU) Raven wakes up in a different dimension. The Avengers'. Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel or DC
The Vampire Titan by CreativityFlow
The Vampire Titanby Kaelyn
Krystalyn is a vampire. She's been roaming the world for years, cursed to only travel in the dark. But once she arrives in Jump City, a huge opportunity comes up-one she...
Phoenix, Raven's Twin Sister (Completed) by Charminmoonlight_
Phoenix, Raven's Twin Sister (Comp...by Moonchild 🌙
Raven been keeping a secret from the Titans since they met. Raven told the Titans everything about her but one thing. That one thing is that Raven have a younger twin si...
Watching batman daily life by 01dominico
Watching batman daily lifeby 01dominico
The heroes have been suspicious of batman for the past few months. What really made them wonder was when batman announce that his sidekicks won't be helping them for a m...
Teen Titans Go - Enough by Foul_Play69
Teen Titans Go - Enoughby Foul Play
Maybe Robin has had enough of the way he has been treated. What if the way his team treated him was taken more seriously. How would he handle this?
Running for the cold {Jason Todd/Titans} by peachyparxx
Running for the cold {Jason Todd/T...by 𝒮 𝔫 𝔞 𝔦 𝔩 Ⓒ
Arwen is a girl with many powers. Her and her friend Lily meet Dick Grayson under not so great circumstances. When Lily reads the mind of Rachel, the rest of their story...
Return of the Demon (Damian Wayne x Reader) Book III by Hot_Pocket_
Return of the Demon (Damian Wayne...by Hot Pocket
Book III of The Bride of the Demon series COMPLETED It has been two years since Y/n Queen and Damian Wayne parted ways. As her time away from the Demon's kin grew, Y/n h...
Addicted To You (Spider-Man x Raven) by TheNotoriousPotato
Addicted To You (Spider-Man x Rave...by TheNotoriousPotato
Peter gets teleported into another universe. There he meets new heroes and teams up with them. Inside that group he finds something that he's been missing. Love. But wh...
Spider-Gwen: Under the Red Hood.  by gokugunslinger
Spider-Gwen: Under the Red Hood. by gokugunslinger
There's a mystery afoot in New York City, and Spider-Woman must go toe-to-toe with a mysterious vigilante, who goes by the name of Red Hood. Subsequently, old wounds reo...
Teen Titans x Fem Reader by bcaceres25
Teen Titans x Fem Readerby Bailey
It has been bothering me of seeing barley Teen Titans fan-fiction and some that are not have updated for years so here I am and yes there will be love interest and yes I...
Lost sibling (teen titans) by rainshadow1996
Lost sibling (teen titans)by rainshadow1996
Beast boy discovers his long lost twin sister and keeps her safe in Titan tower.
Dark Love: Male Red Hood Reader X Raven - DCAMU Fanfic by DarkotheMapper
Dark Love: Male Red Hood Reader X...by Darko the Mapper
Male Red Hood Reader X DCAMU Raven Takes place in DC Animated Movies Universe (2013 - 2020) Death wasn't kind. It snatched where it could, taking people, no matter how o...