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the masquerade girl | beast boy x reader by Brace_For_Impact
the masquerade girl | beast boy x...by I guess zoey
(BOOK 1 of the Beast Boy Trilogy) "She saved my life...I have to find her." ๑๑๑ After the sucky day she's had, all (Y/n) wants to do is go home, watc...
  • surprises
  • romance
  • sadness
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Time change's  by perfect990
Time change's by perfect990
The teen titans have been broken up for years. Everyone gone their own ways. But one day they all happen to bump into each other, but there is something about raven that...
  • raven
  • robin
  • teentitans
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Robin X Reader: Light by AnimeFreakshawols
Robin X Reader: Lightby KpopAnimeTrash
I'm (Y/n). I am Starfire's cousin. One day, my space pod crashed in the middle of nowhere on a planet called Earth... [CURRENTLY EDITING]
  • action
  • hero
  • cyborg
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Teen Titans X Reader [Discontinued] by LatashaHarwani
Teen Titans X Reader [Discontinued]by Tasha9041
Highest ranking:📍#8 in Starfire and #74 in Robin📍 All you ever wanted was to get away from the living hell you used to experience in your old home, and now that that's...
  • hivefive
  • robin
  • romance
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Long Lost Brothers by LealPhantom
Long Lost Brothersby LealPhantom
(Teen Titans and Danny Phantom) What if Robin had a little brother? Dick Grayson and his brother Danny Grayson were separated after their parents death. After years of s...
  • teentitans
  • robin
  • grayson
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Young justice Hellspawn by Carnageking
Young justice Hellspawnby venom
This starts off at season one of young justice. Lately in the news theirs someone or something has been destroying the gangs of New York mainly any gang members in the a...
  • demons
  • artemis
  • justiceleague
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Shazam Joins the Teen Titans by kesalvador
Shazam Joins the Teen Titansby Ke Salvador
When the wizard that originally gave Billy Batson his powers, turning him into the hero Shazam, decides to make some changes to his powers, Billy is given no choice but...
  • beastboy
  • raven
  • bluebeetle
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New Teammate (Damian Wayne X Reader) by Keversteen
New Teammate (Damian Wayne X Reade...by Theresa Charles
Y/n's life was already screwed up when Robin joined the Teen Titans. She was a teenager who was a superhero named Starling, her past is dark but Damian doesn't know that...
  • superheros
  • damianwayne
  • dcuniverse
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teen titans x child reader  by ryuki0923
teen titans x child reader by ryuki0923
abomination by your parnets you were alone on the streets with no way that's is until a certain former sidekick found you takes place after the the events of the final e...
  • kidsnextdoor
  • adventure
  • reader
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Dc Family One-Shot by marawritesstuff
Dc Family One-Shotby Mara Jen💫💞
~Books Completed~ "No hero can save everyone, not even Superman. But a real hero never stops trying." This book is filled with one shots about different DC cha...
  • dclegends
  • dickgrayson
  • robin
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Koriand'r & Dick Grayson: Short Stories by LyannaGray
Koriand'r & Dick Grayson: Short St...by 「Lyanna Gray」
A series of short stories about Koriand'r & Dick Grayson also known as Starfire & Nightwing. Young Justice | Teen Titans: The Judas Contract | AU
  • teentitans
  • starfire
  • love
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A Shoulder To Cry On || Robin x Raven || by rosella76
A Shoulder To Cry On || Robin x Ra...by rosella76
Robin and Raven understand each other more than anyone else in the team. But what happens when Slade comes back and kidnaps Raven? Robin is determined to get her back...
  • slade
  • robrae
  • fanfiction
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My Opinions on Ships!! (ENDED) by Young__Author
My Opinions on Ships!! (ENDED)by Jay/Jade
No longer taking requests. S I now hate this book. Please don't judge who I am by this book. Literally my opinions on ships. Because I can!!! Comment ships for me to gi...
  • dannyphantom
  • pixar
  • dc
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Inhuman //Cyborg by Geekasauruz
Inhuman //Cyborgby Geekator
Victor Stone had resigned himself to the fact that he was completely alone in the world. He had comrades, but they were completely organic. He had people he'd consider c...
  • superman
  • heroes
  • inhuman
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the targeted girl | beast boy x reader by Brace_For_Impact
the targeted girl | beast boy x re...by I guess zoey
(BOOK 2 of the Beast Boy Trilogy) "This person's out to get you, (Y/n). You're wanted. Targeted. You're the targeted girl." [][][] With Raven locked away...
  • teentitans
  • fiction
  • sequel
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Beast Boy x Raven (BBRae) Short Stories by Ally_Sato
Beast Boy x Raven (BBRae) Short St...by ALLY SATO
Want to hear all my fluffy, smutty fantasy of Beast Boy and Raven? Here's some short stories for you.
  • ravenxbeastboy
  • garfieldmarklogan
  • beastboyxraven
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Rawr. (BNHA x Reader) by SmolGalaxi
Rawr. (BNHA x Reader)by Sparrow
Eeeeh. You got a quirk that lets you turn into any animal you want. Read the story to see what happens next.
  • mha
  • bnha
  • myheroacademy
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Family Reunion! by Helloworld1024
Family Reunion!by Sam S
This is a story about Raven and Superboy being siblings. This is not a a Raven x Superboy fanfic.
  • crossover
  • family
  • teentitans
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BBRae-Meant To Be? by bbraelove01
BBRae-Meant To Be?by bbraelove01
Beast Boy and Raven have never been really close. She keeps to herself and he never really takes the time to get close to anyone other than Cyborg. After a life changing...
  • starfire
  • robstar
  • beastboy
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My Secrets (A Teen Titan Fanfic) by EnchantedEnemy38
My Secrets (A Teen Titan Fanfic)by EEnemy38
Robin's heart sank when his parents died. Then yet one morning he woke up and saw his friends in his room seeing his horrified face. After all expect the unexpected. It...
  • cyborg
  • beastboy
  • titanseast
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