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Even after that night was over and done with, Tyler kept trying to sneak kisses and hugs in. I let them slide at first, pinning them as friendly gestures. But then, he started getting all touchy-feely and it worried me that if Gar woke up, I'd be caught in an accidental love triangle.

"Ow!" I screeched when Robin stopped hard on the breaks. My forehead rammed against the dashboard, immediately giving me a headache,"What the hell?!"

"Sorry." He breathed,"Light changed too quick." Everyone acted so strange when we got back to the tower. They were crowded into a circle in the living room with a deck of cards spread out on the coffee table/work station infront of the couch, and when we exited the living room, all of their heads snapped towards us and they had these weird looks on their face. Guilt mixed with maybe a little bit of horror? I didn't know.

"What has gotten into you guys? I leave for one night and everyone acts like they just watched the next person get their soul sucked out of them." I say. He didn't respond. All he did was pull into the parking lot of the prison and unlock the door.

"Good luck." He mumbled. I glowered at him, but without a word, I snagged my water bottle from the cup holder and headed inside. It was much harder to get to Raven's cell than before. I had to go through an ID check and some kind of security scan. It's probably because I didn't have any of the Titans with me this time.

Anyway, I still got through. I pushed open Raven's heavy door and was not surprised to see her scowling face behind bars,"I told you not to come back."

"And I told you I would be back. So here I am." I deadpan, sipping my water. She shrank back to the far end of her cell away from me, and scrunched her eyebrows.

"Why would you want to come back to see me?" She gave me this look that was a mixture of a squint and a glare. I shrugged.

"Because I want answers. What did I do that was so wrong? What do you have against me?" She bared her teeth, backing up even father, though she had no place to go.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

I slammed my water bottle on the ground and stood up,"You cant be serious. How can you say that you dont know what I'm talking about? Raven, this has been going on since I met you. I never showed that I had any grudge against you or anything, and if I did, Im sorry. But you have no excuse for what youve done to my life."

"What Ive done to your life?"

"Yes!" She puffed her cheeks, clearly holding back a couple of words. Her gaze shifted to the right of me, and she stared off into space,"Tell me! What did I do?!"

"You know what you did." She grumbled under her breath.

"No. I really dont." I stepped forward, and she tucked herself farther into the cage. Neither of us could touch the bars, because they were made of some kind of electric energy that would burn us both to a crisp.

"You took him from me!" She bellowed, her voice echoing off of the walls. Taken aback, I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. She dropped her head and looked away.

"We've been over this countless times before. I never took him from you Raven."

"That's what you think." She muttered, raising her head right after,"Our relationship was confusing to people, I know. It seemed like I absolutely despised him. But I didn't. I really liked him. Loved him even. But then when you waltzed into his life, he immediately forgot about me. It was like I meant nothing to him. He spent his free time fawning over you, visiting you and tagging you along with our days and nights out. He even made a song about you! He sang it all the time running around the tower and screeching like a vulture on crack! I wanted to destroy you and everyone you loved. I wanted to rip you apart bit by bit and watch him sulk in your bloody carcass. And even though he probably would've hated me after that, it wouldve brought satisfaction to me that I knew you were gone. I wanted you dead. Not like you didn't know that already." I bit the inside of my jaw.

"Is that why you possessed Bella?"

"I needed to find someone that hated you as much as I did. And when I saw Beast Boy storming away from that girl's house, I knew it had something to do with you. Just as she was calling someone on the phone, I made a deal with her. I didn't mean to kill her. It wasn't me that started that fire. It was her and my anger combined that formed that monster. I didnt want to take it that far."

I sat back down, taking it all in,"You.. and her.. you put him in a hospital.."

"I didn't mean to do that." Her stare hardened.

"You dont even care either!" I screamed,"You're saying that so nonchalantly like you didn't put someone you and I both care about in ICU! You put him in a fucking coma!"

"Im sorry okay?!"

"No forget it! I'll find me some powers another kind of way. I dont need you." I stood up again, grabbed my water bottle and headed towards the door,"You're just a fucking demon." The door swung open and Robin stood there, stiff.

"You brought her here so she could make friends with me and take my powers?!" Raven's head snapped towards Robin. He shook his head.

"N-no! I just.. I just need your help. Were low on Titans and-"

"Get the fuck out of here! And dont come back! Dont ever come back you scrawny peice of shit! I never want to see your face again." She hissed. Robin backed up.

"Can we talk about this?!"

"No!" She screamed, eyes red and angry.

Then, the lights went out.


Im so sorry. Im not dead. I was on vacation.

Poor excuse I know. But, I hope you liked anyway. Gave some people some time to catch up :)

Anime fans anybody?

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