18- The talk

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Sadie looked at Antonio with lust in her eyes wanting to badly kiss him. She liked how he makes her feel all warm inside. She also didn't want him thinking that she was easy since she gave in too easy the night before, normally it's against her rules sleeping with someone when they aren't involved in a relationship.

"I wanted to talk about what happened the night before." He says, caressing her arm with his fingertips "I know that I told you this morning that I don't regret anything, and I still don't."

"I don't regret it either, I'm just a little shocked that it happened." She says, resting her head on his.

"I know how you feel, I'm a little surprised myself that it happened. But I want you to know that it was wonderful. I do have to admit that I felt a little guilty, like I somehow betrayed Harlow."

"You didn't betray her... now if she was still here, then yes you would have betrayed her. Besides I never would have allowed it to happen." She paused, looking away. She then started thinking about Harlow, and some of the things Harlow had said to her. "You know I have to tell you something... about a conversation that I had with Harlow. She asked me to make sure that you and the kids remained happy, and I never understood what she meant by that. She pulled me to the side a couple of times to talk to me, each time I always thought that it was strange. Saying things to me that I didn't understand, almost like I was getting her permission."


"I don't know how to explain it, it's how she said and asked me about things, about you, the girls.... and she always had a pen in her hand that she tried hiding whenever I would walk into the room, it just seemed strange to me."

"Hmm..... she never said anything to me that was out of the ordinary."

"I don't know, maybe it was nothing." Sadie says, shrugging her shoulders.

"I'm not going to lie to you, but I do miss her." he says "But I want you to know that you gave me a wake up call and I thank you for that, had you not walked in...." He began shaking his head and held onto her tight, he then rested his forehead on her chest "I guess I don't even want to think about what would have happened."

She held his head up, and their eyes locked "Just don't ever do that again, I mean that."

"I will never do that again, I promise. I still feel like a coward about it, not only did I scare you, I scared myself, and I'm sure as hell that I let Harlow down for even thinking about doing that. She was probably looking down on me, cussing me out."

"I'm glad that you realize that.... now about last night-.."

"Yes, last night." he says, cutting her off "I don't know if it should have happened, but to be honest with you I'm glad that it did. Since we met and the more that I got to know you, I realized something. I'm not sure what it is about you, but there's something special about you, those girls adore you and they have since that first night at the restaurant, and I adore you."

"I love those girls, they make me laugh. You know, those girls made me promise them that I would never leave them." she giggled "They even had me pinky promise them."

He smiled, caressing her cheek. For a moment he didn't say a word, he just looked at her. Admiring her beauty, not only was she beautiful to him, she was beautiful on the inside as well. She had a way with him that always got him listening, she was able to tell him off and he could never yell back at her.

"I guess what I have been trying to say to you or ask you..." He says, taking a deep breath. Thinking how to ask the next question that he had for her, almost nervous to ask "What or how do you feel about us?"

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