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Full of yourself


Anchan didn't have a particular place in mind. She didn't have any desire to go after Shuka either. She just...wanted to be alone for some fresh air and a quiet environment. So there she was, on the roof of the studio, inhaling the fresh, cool air just taking her mind off of things.
"So? What are you gonna do now?" A voice from behind, which Anchan knows all too well, as Arisha said
"What do you mean?" Anchan never looked back at Arisha, she continued watching from afar.
"You know very well what I mean" Arisha retorted almost immediately, never leaving her spot near the rooftop door.
"She's something I can't understand" Anchan just said
"Is that the problem? Or is it the fact that you're questioning why she can't understand you?" Arisha went beside Anchan and stared at the horizon with her.
"Love is complicated" Anchan sighed
"So you're admitting that you truly love Shuka then?" Arisha asked
"If I didn't, I wouldn't have dated her in the first place" Anchan replied sharply than usual but Arisha didn't flinch.
"Who knows, some just date for fun" Arisha shrugged
"She made me discover a different side of me that I didn't before. It's because of her that Im trying so hard. It's because I want to make Shuka proud of me and for what I have become" Anchan tugged the hem of her shirt
"Isn't she already proud of you? Didn't Shuka already prove that no matter who you decide to be or what you will become, she will always be proud of you?" Arisha smiled a little now but Anchan remained quiet
"Didn't you think that for the past few months you've been dating, all the things that has been happening, Shuka has been very understandable of you when it should be the other way around? Most of us are shocked as well. We thought that it should you who's leading the relationship" Anchan turned to Arisha now
"What do you mean?" Arisha didn't look at Anchan but she smiled at the question
"Shuka....has grown mature. You, on the other hand, are already mature but you became a little bit childish. You both have discovered a part of yourselves that you haven't discovered before you were dating." Arisha smiled at Anchan, a smile so humble and sweet that it might have made Anchan fall for her if it weren't for Anchan treasuring a far more gorgeous smile.
"Do you still think you can do the flip?" Arisha asked out of nowhere
"Right now.....not really" Anchan replied and stared at the horizon again
"Why is that?" Arisha's question countered
"With my current state of mind...I won't be able to if I wanted..I know that now"
"And with all the things you blurted out at Shuka earlier, I still can't believe you're still here with me" Arisha's smile grew wider but Anchan looked up at her with a confused look
"Where am I supposed to be?" Anchan asked
"Go to her Anju. Resolve the matter now. Stop being so full of yourself and swallow your pride. The carnival is just months away and we need our leader...ah no...we need our Anju and Shuka back" Arisha faced Anchan and gave her the biggest smile she could muster.
"Go to her you say, but I don't even know where she is" Anchan looked away
"It's probably a spot only you know!" A voice from behind came and Anchan looked back to see the rest of Aqours and Saint Snow
"We contacted her house or any other place where she could have been, but she's not in any of them" Kyan reported
"So she's probably in a place where only you know she would go" Rikyako added and faced Kyan with a smile
"I have one place in mind" Anchan told them
"Then that's great! Go Anchan! Be Shinnnyyy!" Aina added with positivity
"Even if she is there, what would I even tell her? What if she tells me she can't forgive me for what I said?" Anchan looked at them with pleading eyes
"She will! She definitely will! I know it! So please Anju-san! Go to where Shuka-chan is!" Hinahina encouraged with Asamin nodding behind her in agreement.
"But..." Anchan was about to reason out again when Aiai cut her off
"What's wrong Anju? This isn't like you at all. Where's the mikan loving leader we all cherished and love? Or are you that vulnerable when it comes to your beloved Shuka?" Aiai even managed to joke at the last part that she chuckled at herself
"Just go Anchan. We know she's probably waiting for you" Suwawa smiled, arm around Aina's shoulder
"Just go zuraaa~" King as Hanamaru said
"You heard the decision of the team. So what are you gonna do now? Team leader?" Arisha put her hand on Anchan's shoulder and faced her with a smile.
"I'll go" Anchan smiled and ran out of the door as fast as she could. Hoping and looking for Shuka
"You have to be there right? I know you're there. Please be there" Anchan muttered to herself as she ran faster, and faster, and faster and as fast as her legs could take her.

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