Break up

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Let's break up?


Weird. Really weird. Anju hasn't been present for the past three days. They cancelled a lot of livestreams and they had to think up of an excuse every time they do the livestream because neither of them have seen their leader.
Today, the director called in an emergency meeting for the 8 members and they already know what's this gonna be about.
"Sooo, I'll be straightforward. WHERE IN THE NAME OF MIKAN IS INAMI ANJU?!" Their director shouted clearly frustrated
"We're sorry sir but we don't know" Suwawa said first
"We tried to contact her, all of us honest. But.." Ainya followed
"But, not one of us could reach her" Arisha finished her sentence
"Not even Shuka knows where or what happened to her sir" Aikyan said as everyone looked at Shuka who was spacing out.
"Shuka" Aiai nudged her
"Hm? Yeah?" Shuka said unknowingly
"Do you know what we were discussing?" King asked her, as everyone's attention turned to her
"Uhh, this is for the third live isn't it?" She tilted her head and everyone was looking at her with troubled eyes
"Shuka, have you noticed anything unusual with us lately?" It was Rikyako's turn to ask
"Anchan is always late. Especially more today. Speaking of Anchan where is she?" She asked while looking around. Everyone gave her troubled looks
"Shuka, Anchan isn't late. For the past three days Anchan hasn't been coming to the studio" Suwawa told her which made Shuka's eyes widened.
How could she have forgotten Anchan? This was all her fault, she was too busy with her recent photoshoots lately that she didn't have time to check on Anchan.
"I-I-I-.....Im sorry! I'll go talk to Anju!" Shuka said as she ran out of the studio leaving everyone dumbfounded.


Shuka ran as fast as she could, not caring of the crowd that was chasing her from behind, she'll lose them once she's near Anchan's house but this time, she needs to hurry.
She was finally here. Heavily sweating but here. She quickly went inside before anyone could spot her. There she saw Anju's father
"Im sorry to bother sir but do you know where Anchan is?" She asked immediately. Anchan's father released a really heavy sigh before saying
"She's in her room. She won't eat anything, she won't do anything and she won't come out of there. Please Shuka-chan, help her" her father pleaded. Shuka gave a slight nod before proceeding towards Anchan's room not even bothering to knock.
"Anchan?" She softly called out. No response. She went closer
"Leave me alone" Anchan finally spoke
"Anchan talk to me" Shuka said now sitting on Anchan's bed. Anchan quickly sat up. Shuka was more than surprised, surprised, pity, guilt, shocked, all those kinds of mixed emotions as she saw Anchan, thick bags under her eyes, her hair was all over the place and she was so pale. She made to touch Anchan's cheek but when she did, it was as if Anchan was burned from the touch itself so she quickly retreated her hand.
"Anju, what happened?" She muttered, averting her gaze.
"What do you think happened Saito?" With her hoarse voice Anchan managed to say which caused Shuka to flinch.
"Anju, Im sorry. I know this is my fault" Shuka clenched her hands. Anju held one of Shuka's clenched hand, making Shuka look at her. With one last smile and one more drop of her tears, Anchan said something she has to and with all of her heart will regret it "Shuka, let's break up"


A/N: Well, here it is! I tried my best with this one. Don't hate me okay? :/

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