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Why am I taking care of you?


That same morning Anchan got Shuka to eat the rice porridge she made and made Shuka go back to rest. For the rest of the morning she was sitting beside Shuka's bed, doing nothing but reading a book while watching over the sick girl on her bed.
"Anchan..." Shuka faintly muttered
"Yeah?" Anchan replied, closing her book.
"It's so cold" Shuka said
"Well, you have been in your clothes since yesterday. For starters why don't you change clothes?" Anchan said, the slight irritation present in her voice but suddenly vanished when she saw Shuka's weak figure. Sighing, Anchan got up from her seat and grabbed some of her clothes inside her wardrobe and went to Shuka.
"Change into these first. We have the same size anyway. Come on, I'll help you" Anchan helped Shuka sit up and helped her change clothes. Shuka was now in Anchan's clothes that fits her perfectly.
"Now that I think about it, Why didn't I let you change clothes earlier?" Anchan sweatdropped as she muttered to herself, fortunately Shuka didn't hear.
A few minutes passed and Shuka was already fast asleep, her soft snores filling the quiet room. Anchan proceeded to read her book again but couldn't help herself to steal glances at the sleeping girl, till she couldn't take it anymore and actually put her book down and stared at the sleeping girl on her bed.
"I can't believe Im taking care of you" Anchan muttered as her hand made her its way to caress Shuka's hot cheek. The said girl flinched from the cold touch but was immediately replaced by relieved look.
"Geez" Anchan brushed away a fringe that covered Shuka's eyes and wiped the sweat from her brow. To her, Shuka has always been beautiful whenever she smiles or laughs, gorgeous even but there was something in this sick Shuka's face that made her absolutely irresistible to Anchan.
"Shuka, stop being so cute" She muttered to no one in particular as she leaned in, closer and closer to Shuka's face, closer, even more closer, till an inch away she stopped.
"What am I doing? I can't take advantage of you while you're sleeping. And besides....I broke up with you..." Anchan released a long and heavy sigh before pulling away but before she could, a hand gripped her wrist. A weak grip that she could easily escape out of if it weren't for the look of the gripper's face.
"Anju" Shuka's hoarse voice said
"D-did you hear?" Anchan stuttered, her face still close to Shuka's
"I...don't care...if you broke up...with me.." Shuka said in between her coughs
"But please...let's not talk...about that.." another cough
"For now, don't leave me. Stay by my side. Just until I get better" Shuka muttered, intertwining her hand with Anchan's as she went to lay back down, not daring to look Anchan in the eye but not daring to let go of her hand any time soon either.
"Unfair...so unfair.." A red faced Anchan said as she reciprocated Shuka's hold on her hand and covering her blushing face with her free hand.

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