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Hakuoki : Yuki no Monogatari by 4n1sAlice
Hakuoki : Yuki no Monogatariby 4n1sAlice
. "I got it!" Heisuke-nii shouted suddenly. "Then, how about we call him Yuki?" "Oi.. oi... Isn't that a girl's name?" Shinpachi-san spoke...
  • shinsengumi
  • yamanamikeisuke
  • hakuoki
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Toshizo hijikata's little sister (hakuouki fan fiction)  by littleteddy05
Toshizo hijikata's little sister ( 🐻 Little teddy 🐻
Toshizo hijikata has a 13 year old sister coming to find him because she misses him but is that what really happened Will he remember her or will he not what will happe...
  • hakuouki
  • hijikata
  • shinsengumi
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To Not Give In by StarzAboveMe
To Not Give Inby StarzAboveMe
"I'm scared of what I think might happen. It's your fault the monster escaped in the first place." I looked up. "Please take responsibility for it, and fi...
  • saito
  • okitasouji
  • fury
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Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Edition by Moonlit_Dragon
Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn ❀ Moonlit.Dragon ❀
Saito is a second-year student in Namimori Middle School. Aside from being in the kendo club, he is also a devoted member of the disciplinary committee and he is very st...
  • hibari
  • anime
  • jushiro
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Hakuouki One-Shots by WizzyGameMaster
Hakuouki One-Shotsby Wizzy
Just a little collection of stories for our wonderful Hakuouki men. May contain Lemons or semi-mature content at some point. These are also posted on my Quotev.
  • hakuouki
  • toshizo
  • heisuke
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The Mysterious Samurai by Harukatsubaki
The Mysterious Samuraiby Haruka
At 7, Haruka Takashima washed up on the shores of Japan and was taken in by Sannan, of the Shinsengumi. She excelled in hand to hand combat and was accepted very soon...
  • fiction
  • romance
  • hakuouki
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Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan: Find Love in War (Hajime Saito) by Ayahime0
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan: Find Nancy Lo
Six years ago, Haruka Kazama has stumble upon the Shinsengumi’s Headquarter unexpectedly, challenging any samurai they got. Afterward, Haruka feels like they were not wo...
  • kitan
  • hakuoki
  • saito
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The White Scarf  (Reader x Saito) by haley_khang
The White Scarf (Reader x Saito)by Professor Cute
On the streets of Kyoto on a cold freezing day, was a poor little girl. Going to die that day was the girl's fate, if it weren't for that white scarf. Story and girl is...
  • hakuouki
  • saito
  • shinsengumi
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Lost Through Time- A Hakuouki Fanfiction by LunaHikawa
Lost Through Time- A Hakuouki Luna_Hikawa
Luna Hikawa is transported into 1860 in Japan. Follow her journey through the Edo Period while trying to save each and every one of the Shinsengumi while trying to get b...
  • timetravel
  • hijikata
  • saito
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Kirby, Aege, Saito, and friends! by kirby64
Kirby, Aege, Saito, and friends!by kirby64
This book is about some whacky, random, and occasionally serious antics of these three lovable puff balls. Please note that I do not own these charecters, but merely wis...
  • friends
  • aege
  • kirby
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Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph Fanfic) [UNEDITED] by xxdelysia37_
Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph eth.
Shion Hiragi is a foster child of the Hiragi family. She was also adopted by the Hisakawa family, and became her first family. With her childhood being a bloodshed, she...
  • hiragishinya
  • vampires
  • guren
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HAKUOUKI: Scarlet Fate by Kim-YuBi
HAKUOUKI: Scarlet Fateby 김유비
Hatsushimo Kotone has not had an easy life. Abandoned, and an orphan, she was sold to a geisha house. Learning that she would be deflowered that night, she escaped her t...
  • fanfiction
  • otomegame
  • anime
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Appearances Can Be Deceiving || Completed ✔ by LuliWrites
Appearances Can Be Deceiving || Luli Xú
Misaki Azuma is a girl on the run. Her life is hindered by many secrets that she sought to bury. However, her past comes back to haunt her as enemies come in the hopes...
  • fantasy-romance
  • historicalfantasy
  • japanesemythology
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The Shinsegumi's Oni  - Hakuouki fanfiction  by 559miacat
The Shinsegumi's Oni - Hakuouki 559miacat
新選組鬼 What would you do if you felt as though you didn't belong in your country or even in your time? 'A circle of standing cloaked figures, in the center of the room sto...
  • kyo
  • wattyawards
  • hijikata
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The Assistant by CreepyTolox
The Assistantby Tolo De Guerrero
[Self-Insert x Aqours] [Y/n = Your name] Y/n had just been fired from his previous job, so in a desperation move, he calls a friend asking for a new job, but he ended u...
  • love
  • suzuki
  • rikako
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gintama 銀魂「various x reader」 by mochiaus
gintama 銀魂「various x reader」by mochiaus
「 love is based on unpredictable events 」 - 桂 小太郎 Katsura Kotarō 〔a gintama oneshot collection〕 → lowercase intended → shortfics → female reader SLOW UPDATES。
  • sougo
  • shinsuke
  • okitasougo
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A Woman's Touch Make All Dreams Better by BoredomStrikesNow
A Woman's Touch Make All Dreams BoredomStrikesNow
To do this job right, Cobb pulled all the strings to get his team perfect. Even if it did result to the rest of them listening at the two squabble like old married coupl...
  • arthur
  • extraction
  • robert
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She's Mine by _kirisakithn
She's Mineby Athena
An『AnShuka』story that tackles the different sides of Inami Anju and Saito Shuka as they face day to day struggles in their newly found relationship.
  • saitoshuka
  • inamianju
  • chikayou
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Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki fanfic] by Lovely-Moonlight
Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki Lovely-Moonlight
This story is a fanfic. I do not own the characters only my own OC. The story is about Hijikata Sakura. She lived in the modern Japan, but because of a car accident she...
  • toshizo
  • sanosuke
  • wattys2017
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The Familiar of Useless (Saito x Reader) by SilverMystic_
The Familiar of Useless (Saito x SilverMystic_
(Name) the Useless accidentally summons Saito Hiraga of Earth. Now that they are bound together by the contract of the familiar, they must work together to survive in th...
  • romance
  • saito
  • familiarofzero
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