Too much

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I can't take it anymore. It's too much.


Exactly 2 weeks have passed since Anchan so boldly claimed Shuka in Twitter. Their life was finally peaceful till the fateful day came.
Aqours just finished their livestream for the day and they were all sure that Anchan was finally back to normal. She was her usual energetic self, not being too clingy, not being too possessive, just normal Anju. She was all better. Till after the livestream when Shuka immediately got up, bade everyone farewell (an added peck on the cheek for Anchan) and went out.
"Shuka's been awfully busy lately. Do you know anything about it Anchan?" Rikyako asked. Anchan just looked at the direction where Shuka was a few seconds ago and muttered
"I don't know myself"


A few days after that, Anchan noticed the change in Shuka's behavior. It's like the said girl has been indirectly avoiding her. And not just your typical avoiding your presence kind of avoiding, even going as far as to avoid physical contact, which was weird even for Anchan cause come on, this is Shuka we're talking about, it's usually her who doesn't think twice when it comes to holding Anchan's hand on or off camera. They don't even talk that much anymore, after recording sessions or livestreams, Shuka would always go ahead of everyone to who knows where.
So later that night, Anchan decided to call Shuka via the telephone only to be answered by Shuka's mother and to be told that Shuka wasn't home yet which got Anchan extremely worried cause where would her girlfriend be at this hour?
She decided to call her but before Anchan could, she accidentally pressed the instagram app. She was about to close it when a certain post caught her attention. It was a post of B.L.T Magazine, it was a new set of photos of Yuki and Shuka, this time even more intimate. Yuki was hugging Shuka from behind and Shuka was staring deep in her eyes. That hurt Anchan but she shrugged it off knowing that it's just part of the shoot. She was hesitant to scroll down any further but she just had to see this. What she saw next definitely killed her emotionally. It was Yuki and Shuka again, a lot of hugging, may it be at the back or at the front, holding hands, and that close proximity. But that wasn't what killed Anchan the most, it was Shuka's smile when she hugged Yuki. It was Shuka's stare when Yuki hugged her. Anchan was definitely dead on the inside. She's had enough. She threw her phone aside and rolled over, her tear sacs on the verge of breaking.
"You never smiled like that when you're with me" and with that being said, Anju cried herself to sleep.

I hate the way you smile when you're with her
The smile I never get to see whenever you're with me
Hate the way you hug her from behind
You never did that to me
Hate the way you crave for her even though she's not around
Hate that I still love you even up till now.


A/N: One new update for now, would be good xD Im on the process of making the next one so uhh I hope y'all will look forward to it!

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