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Im territorial not possessive


Despite Shuka's constant reassurances Anchan still can't rest easy knowing that Yuki, now lives next to Shuka's house in the Saitama Prefecture! Though she's also from the same prefecture, she's pretty far from where Shuka is and she absolutely cannot stand it! Even during weekends wherein she would visit Shuka, only to find out Shuka got dragged by some "weird girl" as Shuka's siblings described it, which Anchan knows too well as that girl Yuki.
So now, here she was, circling and turning the entire country upside down looking for her kidnapped girlfriend.
"For the love of mikan!!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs not caring who, or what heard her. But that was a bad idea. A reaaallllyyy bad idea. Now, her cover's blown.
"Hey isn't that Anchan?! Anchan!!" Someone from the crowd shouted.
"Shoot" Anchan muttered as she started running for her life with a mob on her tail.

*a few kilometers later*

"Oh crap. Im...soo...tireeedd..." Anchan said in between her huffs and puffs.
"I think I lost them" She muttered to no one in particular. She was so sweaty now and the heat of the summer sun certainly wasn't helping. She was about to go when a voice that she knows all too well called out to her.
"Anju!" Shuka called out with a smile but was soon followed after by a worried frown.
"Look at you! Why are you so sweaty?! Wait for a sec, I have a towel here" Shuka said as she quickly got the face towel from her bag and wiped Anchan's sweaty face. Much to Shuka's delight, Anchan gave her a smile of relief that assured Shuka that she was really alright.
"What happened to you?" Shuka asked with pure and sincere worry evident in her voice
"I was looking for you but on the process I was seen by people. But then again, it's not every day you get chased by your fans" Anchan smiled
"Well, lookie what we have here" Yuki said with a really evil grin but the both of them just ignored her.
"Gee, you should've called me!" Shuka said cupping Anchan's cheeks. Anchan, visibly tired, rested her head on Shuka's shoulder and muttered
"I tried to. But I couldn't reach you"
"What? But I have my phone here the entire time" Shuka said as she grabbed her phone from her pocket only to find it powered off
"That's funny. I never turned it off. Yuki, you had my phone earlier. Did you switch it off?" Shuka who's suspicious gaze is now on Yuki
"We wouldn't want any interruptions on our date would we?" Yuki winked. And that is it. Anchan has had enough of this. Despite the tiredness that she feels, she mustered everything and went towards Yuki, grabbing her by the collar
"Now you listen here you little she devil! How many times do I have to tell you? Saito Shuka is taken! Saito Shuka is mine! She's mine! So why don't you back off before I make you!" Anchan visibly angry, tightened her grip with each word she spoke. She was reaaallllyyy gonna let her have it this time. Was about to anyway when Shuka stopped her and made her release her grip
"Anju stop! You're gonna cause a controversy! We weren't on a date she just asked me to show her around! Calm down!" Shuka now trying (and successfully) to calm Anchan down by gripping one of her arms
"Yuki, I think that's all for today. Just go, now" She told Yuki while still trying to hold on to Anchan.
The girl didn't as much as steal a second glance before leaving. Anchan somewhat calmed down but still angry.
"Ugghh I can't believe that girl!!" Shuka was just left there staring at her as Anchan just punched nothing but air, letting her anger fuse out.
"Anju" Shuka softly said
"What?!" Anchan retorted a little too late before she realized what she said
"S-S-Shuka, I-Im sorry. I-I-I didn't mean to..." Shuka cut her off by taking her hand in hers and smiled widely while saying
"Let's go. You must be tired" and they both went to Shuka's house.

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