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Here is the promised story! To those who read these in my other AnShuka dedicated book, I suggest you all to skip the first five chapter or if you want to reread these again go ahead. Let's start with the intro!


Inami Anju a.k.a Anchan, voice actress of Takami Chika has always been fond of Saito Shuka, fellow voice actress of Watanabe You and best friend. They were close enough that some of the people would mistook them as siblings, though most people think they're already together and is shipping them. Anju didn't mind at first but before she knew it she started falling for Shuka. The same goes for the latter. Long intro short, Anchan confessed so did Shuka, they got together and everything was absolutely perfect.

That's what they thought.
Join the two as they encounter day to day problems, especially that Anju has discovered a part of her that she has never discovered before, "her possessiveness"

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