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The Pirate and The Rose by EybiSea
The Pirate and The Roseby EybiSea
No harem and I don't own anything except the story. Y/n L/n is Ruby Rose's Best Friend they love to hang out in Fazbears Pizzeria.They are both 7 years old.Y/n have a cr...
  • freddy
  • jnpr
  • xaiolong
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Love Live x Reader (Request Closed) Re-writing in process by MyVin22
Love Live x Reader (Request ChunTori
The title says it all, buddy. look at the title
  • fanfiction
  • hanayo
  • kanan
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Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Stories And Oneshots) by Miki_jr1
Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Miki jr
Have you ever wondered how love felt? Let me show you. Hey!!! Everyone I am glad to be here, so yeah, my first book and is a oneshot one, be patient with me!! :D Genera...
  • maki
  • hanayo
  • riko
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Ibiki's Son or Daughter?!||Discontinued But Will Use Ryoto For Other Stories by Night0512
Ibiki's Son or Daughter?!|| I. Am. SPRIGGAN!
Ryoto is an eleven year old girl who runs away from home. When she was found by Ibiki, suddenly everyone thought she was a boy. So, she decides to keep it that way. Alon...
  • uchiha
  • daughter
  • chika
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Ohshc boyfriend scenarios by pamkittycat
Ohshc boyfriend scenariosby Pamkittycat
Hi my little Kittens I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy making it and just for all of you who are new the characters in this are Mori Hunni Kaoru Hikaru Tamaki ...
  • kitty
  • chika
  • tamaki
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Kaguya-Sama: Love is War x Reader One-Shots by CandySlaughter
Kaguya-Sama: Love is War x I am Septic Sam
As said in the title this is a X Reader story Please know I do not do Lemons or Smut so don't attack me for not doing so Other than that there can be MalexMale FemalexFe...
  • anime
  • shirogane
  • fujiwara
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Love Live Sunshine Memes by MarKus901
Love Live Sunshine Memesby Turtle
A book sequel of love live sunshine previously. Just take note that this book can has an offense. Please think about it before reading. You might comment something nu...
  • hanamaru
  • live
  • riko
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Where My Love Goes [Love Live x Reader Oneshots] [(HIATUS)(REQUESTS CLOSED)] by ZeNutellaBitch
Where My Love Goes [Love Live x ZeNutellaBitch
I'm doing this because why not? I'm still pretty unsure about this but I wanted to give it a try so, yeah. This will most likely be crappy, so if you hate crappy, there'...
  • honoka
  • readifyoudare
  • riko
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Ouran High School Host Club One-Shots by WizzyGameMaster
Ouran High School Host Club Wizzy
Okay, I don't think it's necessary to write all this out. But anyway, may contain lemons or semi-mature content at some point. These are also posted on my Quotev.
  • school
  • tamaki
  • morinozuka
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Fell in love with a Lolita ( Yasuchika Haninozuka × Reader) OHSHC fanfic  by Poogiebear2006
Fell in love with a Lolita ( 💖🦄Mya-chan
The youngest sibling of Mitskuni Haninozuka aka Honey sempai, Yasuchika is betrothed to marry someone of the Yoshida family. His fiance is Katsumi Yoshida the youngest m...
  • drama
  • hikaru
  • honey
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[Hokage] Chika đại vương by ThienMac
[Hokage] Chika đại vươngby Thiên Mạc
CHIKA ĐẠI VƯƠNG <火影之天天大王> Tác giả: Sương Dung [雾容] Nàng là một cái chất phác nông thôn tiểu nữ sinh, muốn tới Konoha thôn tìm kiếm ca ca, vốn là muốn nói mang the...
  • chika
  • vuong
  • shikamaru
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She's Mine by _kirisakithn
She's Mineby Athena
An『AnShuka』story that tackles the different sides of Inami Anju and Saito Shuka as they face day to day struggles in their newly found relationship.
  • inami
  • chika
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
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I never knew, it will be "You" by YouRiko31
I never knew, it will be "You"by Westdoor31
Watanabe You, a 2nd year student from Uranohoshi Girls' High School. A happy, energetic, always moving forward and supportive friend, is the most admirable student by he...
  • lovelivesunshine
  • watanabeyou
  • riko
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Devil of the Classroom by PeachAria
Devil of the Classroomby Aria
Vocaloid fanfic! It was the last year of junior high school. Gumi and Kokone had kept their long lasting friendship. SeeU wishes for a fun year with her friends. Ann was...
  • mayu
  • vocaloid
  • teacher
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I'll never forget you  by Mayanater
I'll never forget you by Mymy
You've been friends with the host club because your ex boyfriends brother is in the club (your ex's brother is also your best friend) So when you go see them after you g...
  • chika
  • yasuchika
  • chikahaninozuka
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YousoroMikan/AnShuka! by _kirisakithn
YousoroMikan/AnShuka!by Athena
A book dedicated to the AnShuka (Inami Anju x Saito Shuka) fandom (Seriously I have been going crazy with these two and their interactions during niconamas) Will contain...
  • inami
  • shuka
  • yousoro
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months with the haninozuka brothers  by Mayanater
months with the haninozuka Mymy
Your parents leave you with your parents friends sons for a few months How will this turn out?
  • yasuchikaxreader
  • honeyxreader
  • honeysenpai
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Kiseki Diamond (奇跡 ダイヤモンド) by 2D_erichan
Kiseki Diamond (奇跡 ダイヤモンド)by Momoka Eri/桃華絵莉 - 2D Idol -
Kiseki Diamond gồm 2 thành viên: Momoka Eri, Miya Shiori với mong muốn làm mọi người nở nụ cười bằng bài hát của chúng mình
  • idol
  • cute
  • momoka
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Love Live Sunshine: The Next Year by SecondRound
Love Live Sunshine: The Next Yearby SECOND ROUND
SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 2: After the heartbreaking closure of Uranohoshi Girls' high school, our former first and second years find themselves starting at a new combine...
  • riko
  • aqours
  • idols
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Momoka Eri/桃華絵莉 - 2D Idol - by 2D_erichan
Momoka Eri/桃華絵莉 - 2D Idol -by Momoka Eri/桃華絵莉 - 2D Idol -
Các hoạt động của 2D Idol Momoka Eri
  • debut
  • momoka
  • 2d
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