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Shuka ran as fast as she could, she didn't care if it was past midnight, she didn't care that most people would find her crazy for running straight into the drizzle that was slowly forming into rain, she had to see Anju. She needs to see Anju.
Now here she was, standing once again at the front of the Inami household. Strange enough, the living room lights are on so despite being wet from the slow rain and sweat, Shuka made her way into the house.
When she got it, she saw Anchan in her pajamas, sitting on the sofa, phone in her hand and a cup of coffee on the table.
"A-Anju" She whispered but Anchan seemed to hear it.
"What are you doing here late at night?" Anchan casually asked
"I wanted to see you. Anju, we need to talk" Shuka asked as she went closer
"Don't take a step closer. There's nothing to talk about Shuka" Anchan said as she took a sip of her coffee, not daring to look at Shuka even once.
"Ever since I got here, you haven't looked at me once. Look at me Anju, look at me and say that once again. I'll leave once you do" Shuka dared say, clutching her chest tightly. Anchan couldn't dare do as she said. She didn't want Shuka to know that she haven't been sleeping, didn't want Shuka to know that she cried recently. Surprisingly enough, Anchan didn't expect the sudden weight of a wet body on her back.
"Please. Just once. I'll hear what you have to say, and I'll do likewise. If it really doesn't work out between us then I'll stop bothering you." Shuka hugged tighter, warm tears threatening to come out.
"Shuka stop. Just stop this" Anchan muttered but her actions say otherwise. She melted into Shuka's hug, holding unto the two warm arms that was wrapped around her. How she missed Shuka's warmth, Shuka's smell, Shuka's touch, she missed absolutely everything about Shuka. Anchan allowed herself to be drowned out by Shuka's warmth before drifting off to dreamland.


Anchan woke up greeting a new day filled with satisfaction and feeling the warmth she hasn't felt in a while, she couldn't clearly remember what happened last night, the last thing she knew, she fell asleep. She felt a weight on her head and because of that she just realized her situation. Shuka and her were on the sofa with Shuka's arms all around her, no wonder she felt warm. Nevertheless, why was Shuka sleeping in her living room? Didn't she leave last night? And wait, wasn't Shuka wearing wet clothes? It was no use, Anju couldn't remember anything. She got out of sleeping girl's grasp careful enough not to wake her.
Anchan stood there, staring at the sleeping Shuka on her sofa. Not like she minded though, they broke up but that doesn't mean they can't be friends right? Anchan made her way towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast because they'll be going to the studio a few hours from now. It seems her dad already went to work before she even woke up so prepared breakfast all by herself.
Once she was done, she went to Shuka hopeful that she'd wake up by now but she still hasn't which was strange. Really strange. Shuka might be a heavy sleeper or would always oversleep but she'd always manage herself well enough not to be late for work.
Wrong. Really wrong. Something was so wrong, Anchan could feel it. From Shuka's heavy and fast paced breathing to that furrowed eyebrows.
"No, please let me be wrong for once" Anchan muttered as her hand made its way to Shuka's forehead.
Yup, Anchan was indeed not wrong, Shuka was hot, literally hot. Then, as if by habit, she quickly went into her room and looked for a thermometer. Once she found it, she immediately went to Shuka and placed it in between her armpit. Anchan then texted everyone that the both of them won't be able to go today for some sick reasons and proceeded to cook rice porridge.
On the process of making the said dish, Anchan then heard the faint voice of a sick person
"A-Anju..?" Very faint indeed
"Just wait there for a sec. I'll be over there soon" Anchan half shouted through the door of their kitchen. Just as Anchan was about to set the rice porridge, a loud sound came from across the living room, like something, or more like someone fell on the floor. Much to Anju's reflexes, she quickly put the dish down and ran towards the living room only to find Shuka on the floor.
"Geez, Shuka what are you doing?" She whispered and carried Shuka bridal style
"A-A-Anju...why does my body feel so warm and weak?" The carried girl said weakly
"You're sick you idiot. That's what you get for sleeping in in your wet clothes" Anchan let out a small sigh
"I'll take you to my room. I made some rice porridge so just rest okay?" Taking Shuka's small hum as a yes, Anchan then went towards her room and put the sick girl on her bed, letting her rest.


After Anchan put Shuka on her bed, she went back to the living to fetch the thermometer and saw

40 degree celsius

"Oh boy" was the last thing Anchan said before heading towards the kitchen.

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