Late Night Thoughts

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Is this real?


Anchan and Shuka woke up later that evening only to be greeted by the seven members of Aqours in their sleeping attire. Aiai, King and Aikyan were totally hooked on their Psp's playing Monster Hunter 3. Aina was busy drying her hair with the help of Suwawa. Arisha and Rikyako were playing cards.
"What time is it?" Anchan asked while rubbing the sleepiness off of her eyes.
"Good morning sleepyheads! You slept the entire day! It's already 19:00" Arisha said putting down her deck of cards
"What the?!" Shuka practically jumped out of the futon which startled everyone
"I didn't get to see Uchichii!!!" She exclaimed
"We'll go tomorrow" Anchan said as she herself got up and gave Shuka a peck on the cheek before proceeding to go to her travel bag and getting some clothes out.
"Where are you going?" Shuka asked, the sleepiness completely gone.
"The bath. I've been in my clothes since morning" Anchan said as she got up and proceeded to go outside
"Wait for meeee!" Shuka quickly got her own clothes and followed Anchan.
The other members just sweatdropped and continued what they were doing
"Those two. They just can't get their hands off of each other can they?" Arisha muttered to herself, which Rikyako heard so she giggled and said
"Just like how those two can't get off of each other too" before gesturing towards Aina and Suwawa's way.


Due to sleeping from morning till late afternoon, Anchan couldn't quite sleep. The others already went to bed, and so did Shuka. Boy, can that girl sleep. Anchan smiled at her sleeping members and went out of their room.
For some reason Anchan found her way towards the 2nd floor balcony of the inn they were staying at. Somehow, the cool air that touched her face was somewhat nostalgic. She thought about how her life was before she even started on her acting career and other things like that.
Anchan was leaning on the railing of the balcony, hands rested on top of it and eyes closed while savoring each moment. She'll go to sleep once her body is ready to give in to sleep. Right now, Anchan just needed to have her alone time.
That's what she thought anyway, until a hot sensation came across her right cheek which startled the poor girl. Anchan turned her attention to where it came from and saw Saito Shuka holding out a can of hot chocolate while smiling.
"Hey" Shuka's sleepy voice echoed in Anchan's ears. Anchan took the can and gave Shuka a nod as thanks before proceeding to look at the view beyond the balcony.
"Can't sleep?" Shuka asked doing the same thing but Anchan only gave her a slight shrug of the shoulder as an answer. Shuka looked at Anchan and took her hand and asked
"Is something wrong?" With evident worry present in both Shuka's voice and eyes as she looked at Anchan but Anchan didn't look at her when she answered
"Just thinking about some stuff I guess" with another shrug.
"Like what?" Shuka asked, not taking her eyes off of Anchan and not letting her hand go.
"Like how I used to be before I became an actress, before I became part of Aqours, before all of this" Anchan started. Shuka didn't say anything which was Anchan's cue to continue.
"I still remember those moments wherein taking the acting career was just merely a dream. But now that Im actually here, it still feels like this is all a dream, I still ask myself if the current Anju that's here, is she real? Is she being her real self? Is this real?" Anchan continued, not looking at Shuka once but Shuka cupped Anchan's cheeks and made her look at her.
Anchan saw the seriousness in Shuka's face that she just did nothing but face her in silent, not daring to make any sound.
"Anju" Shuka's voice turned from sleepy to serious
"This is all real" She started
"You're the mikan-loving leader of Aqours, you're always the one who cheers any of us up when we're down. You're always the one who understands us the most, understands ME the most when Im always lost. You're Aqours' Inami Anju. You're MY Inami Anju. And I can assure you, everything is real. You're currently living the life you've always dreamed of" Shuka smiled and leaned her face closer to Anchan's, she was about to kiss Anchan but Anchan told her
"You know, the best part of living the life I've always dreamed of, is meeting and having you as a girlfriend" Shuka giggled
"That's too corny Anju" With a last giggle, Shuka then pressed her lips with Anchan's.
After they parted, the two of them continued to watch the view, with Shuka's head resting on Anchan's shoulder and Anchan's hand around her waist.

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