We're here!

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Hello Numazu!


It was finally the day where everyone decided they'd go to Numazu. Their agreement was to meet up at the studio at exactly 6 in the morning where the bus would wait for them and by 6:30 they'd leave. Exactly 5 minutes before the said time and everyone was already inside the bus except for one.
"Anju! Where in the world is Shuka?!" Arisha, who was strict with time, said. Anchan gave her a shrug and fished out her phone from her pocket and called Shuka, just after the third ring Shuka answered at the same time stepped inside the bus while panting
"I-I-Im here!" She said her other free hand raised in victory!
"You barely made it though. Take a seat we'll leave now" Arisha said as she sat down next to Aiai and King.
Shuka then went to sit beside Anchan, she gave Anchan a tired smile
"Hey" She greeted and sat down
"Let me guess, you were too excited for this trip that you ended up sleeping at 3 in the morning so you overslept" Anchan gave her a grin.
"Since you already know that, I won't need to explain myself. Now let me sleep or else I won't enjoy later" Shuka said after a yawn soon followed after.
"My shoulder is always available" Anchan smiled and Shuka didn't even think twice before putting her head on Anchan's shoulder and fell asleep. Anchan followed not long after, resting her head on top of Shuka's.


Meanwhile, Rikyako was observing the two the entire time. Since Aikyan was sitting beside her, she thought she might as well take the chance. She acted like she was really sleepy a lot of times which Aikyan just ignored every time. With a frustrated sigh, Rikyako just rested her chin on her palm and looked at the window.
After a while, Rikyako felt something heavy on her shoulder. As it turns out, Aikyan fell asleep. With a large smile on her face, Rikyako rested her head on top of Aikyan's and soon went to sleep.

*2 hours later*

The gang finally arrived at the said destination. Aiai was sleeping on King and King pretty much did the same thing. The only one who didn't fall asleep for the entire trip was Arisha. After arriving, she immediately went to the front and beheld the scene before her. Her eyebrow twitched at the sight.
"W-w-what is with this sight?" She muttered to herself.
Anchan and Shuka were sleeping in a position where Anchan is protectively holding Shuka and hands intertwined.
Aikyan was sleeping on Rikyako and Rikyako returned the gesture.
Suwawa and Aina are basically almost hugging each other.
As for Aiai and King, "Those kids" Arisha muttered at the sight of the two with a really heavy sigh. So with a cross of her arms Komiya Arisa shouted "RISE AND SHINE!!!!" resulting in very shocked awoken faces from the rest.
"We're already here! Now come on you guys! Numazu is waiting for us!" And with that statement, Arisha went off the bus with her suitcase. Leaving the others groaning in despair, except for Anchan of course, Shuka on the other hand went back to sleep muttering stuff like "5 more minutes" to which Anchan smiled at. She gently caressed Shuka's cheek while muttering "Shuka, we're already here, Let's go, Arisha is gonna get mad" to Shuka's despair, she woke up and stretched her limbs. She then got her bag and stood up and then went off without saying anything and Anchan followed.
Rikyako saw this and decided to do the same to Aikyan. She gently caressed Aikyan but to her disappointment Aikyan unconsciously slapped her hand away and woke up
"We're here" Rikyako said not bothering to hide the disappointment in her voice as she got up, grabbed her suitcase and made her way out of the bus. Aikyan followed soon after and so did the rest.


Everyone settled their things in their room first before deciding anything. The room was big enough to fit the futons of all nine of them. After putting their things down, Anchan sat on the floor and Shuka did so beside her and went back to sleep, head on Anchan's lap
"Now that we're settled, you guys wanna go sightseeing?" King excitedly said
"Ah! I wanna go!" Aiai quickly stood up and went towards King
"Me too me too!" Aikyan followed
"I won't mind. You guys coming?" Rikyako added
"Shuka is still a bit drowsy and Im still pretty tired myself. We'll catch up with you guys later" Anchan said as she made to steal a glance at the sleeping Shuka on her lap.
"We'll be going with you too. Anchan, please watch over the things for us" Suwawa said as she and the rest of the third years followed the first years outside, leaving Anchan with a sleeping Shuka.
"You'll get a stiff neck if you continue to sleep like that Saito" Anchan whispered in Shuka's ear which Shuka only ignored. So Anchan slowly stood up and gently put Shuka's head on the floor and prepared a futon. She carried Shuka and put her on the futon.
"You're heavier than usual, did you gain weight?" Anchan thought but smiled at the sight of her sleeping girlfriend anyway. Once she finished putting Shuka on the futon, she cuddled right next to her. Shuka intertwined her leg with Anchan and hugged her close enough that Anchan could feel Shuka's hot breath on her neck.
"Let's stay like this for a while" The sleepy tone of Shuka's voice muttered as she nuzzled herself on Anchan's neck. Anchan kissed the top of Shuka's head and reciprocated the hug, falling fast asleep in the process.

*3 hours later*

The other seven members went back from sightseeing around mid afternoon only to behold the inseparable duo still asleep.
"Shh, don't wake them up." Aina whispered as she put her finger in front of her mouth
"Let's just grab the stuff that we need and come back later" Arisha whispered back as the others nodded. One by one they tiptoed to where their respective bags are and one by one they got out of the room immediately but quietly, except for Aiai who took a photo of the sleeping duo first and then left.


A/N: I am so so sorry if I just updated this now. Finals are coming up and a lot of requirements to do before summer vacation. This is a bit rushed and not proofread yet but I hope you still enjoyed it

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