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A/N: Sooo I made a special cause of something that I saw 3 days ago and it'll feature what happens in the span of the 3 month "cool off" Anchan and Shuka had.
YOUSORO565 I hope you liked this! It's not entirely a one shot but I hope you enjoy reading it :3


Month 1

Anchan picked up the pace, but for some reason there are times that she could perform the flip but sometimes not. Shuka was at the corner of the room, witnessing it all, trying to figure out herself what was wrong with it. Till Anchan went for the backflip and everyone thought she would nail it, that is until when sticking the landing, her hand slipped.
"Anju!!" Shuka immediately went to Anchan's side
"Are you alright?!" Worry all over Shuka's features
"Yeah, Im fine" Anchan replied, frustration on her part.
"Come on, you should rest for a while" Shuka said, getting up and lending her right hand to Anchan who oddly got it with her left hand.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Shuka asked again as she examined Anchan all over again when she got up
"Yes, Captain Worrywart Im fine" Anchan joked and smiled. Shuka didn't return the smile, somehow she doesn't feel right but she just shrugged it off until when her and Anchan went to sit down and eat some food, she noticed Anchan using her left hand a lot. Even though they were eating Shuka put down her own food and told Anchan
"Anju, show me your right hand" with a serious tone and Shuka didn't know if she was imagining it but for a moment she saw Anchan flinched
"Why? Im perfectly fine" Anchan's sweat dropped as Shuka went in closer to her from across the table and snatched her right hand away to reveal Anchan's swollen wrist. Anchan could see Shuka's expression darkened as she saw Anchan's swollen wrist
"S-Shu-..." Anchan was about to excuse herself when Shuka abruptly stood up and went away to get first aid and came back not long after and went in front of Anchan
"Give me your hand" Shuka firmly said
"Y-yes maam!" Anchan obeyed and Shuka opened the kit and got some cotton filled with betadine and gently rubbed it on the swell. After that, she got some dressing and bandage to cover up the swell and fix Anchan's hand place so she won't move it to cause more damage. Anchan just stayed quiet and looked at Shuka who's at work. After Shuka was done, she immediately got up and was about to return the kit when Anchan held her hand, stopping her from leaving
"Thank you" Anchan muttered with a smile which Shuka mirrored
"Worrying would only get us nowhere. For now, you should rest till your hand gets better" Shuka said and walked away

Month 2 and a half

Anchan needed to take a month and a half for her swollen wrist to fully function again. Since it was her favored hand that got injured, she had trouble with almost everything, like eating her own bento, putting on her own practice outfit, even holding the mic. Luckily, Shuka was there to her rescue that everytime she eats, Shuka would take over and feed her. Whenever she would have trouble changing, Shuka would always help her. And of course, though the mic wasn't much of a problem, Shuka still did her job and adjusted the mic for Anchan. During this span of time and after some thinking, both of them knew what was wrong.

Month 3

Both of them finally knew what was wrong with the flip and Anchan's swollen wrist is fully healed. It's too sudden that Anchan barely gets any time to regain her balance, so the staff and both of them talked it over and agreed to let Anchan pause for a while before doing the backflip. The first trial and error didn't go so great so they decided to give her at least 5 seconds of pause to regain her composure. This time, she did it. And after a few more tries, Anchan performed the backflip flawlessly five times in a row. The both of them were overjoyed since only the two of them practiced together, Anchan wouldn't have it any other way.
After doing one last flip for the day, both of them finally decided to seize the day and probably eat some sushi on the way home.
"You did it Anju!!" Shuka exclaimed, jumping and hugging Anchan which the latter willingly returned
"I couldn't have done without you" Anchan said in between the hug.
"I know" Shuka said with a sheepish grin and broke the hug first
"Let's go eat something and then go home?" Anchan suggested which Shuka gladly agreed to
"Ah, then wait for me outside. I have something to do real quick" Anchan said and Shuka nodded


After doing some things, Anchan went out of the studio only to witness Shuka talking with a girl Anchan knows too well as Yuki
"Why is she here?" Anchan thought to herself and hid behind a large pole close enough so she could hear what they were saying.
"Shuka-chan...I heard you and Anju broke up" Yuki said and Anchan suddenly felt a sudden pang hit her
"Well...it's not-.."
"Shuka-chan, I love you" Yuki confessed which caught Shuka off guard, what caught her guard off even more was that she felt a hand on her waist pulling her closer. She looked to her side and saw Anchan grinning beside her, her grip firm on Shuka's waist
"Im sorry...." Anchan told Yuki, a smirk at Yuki's way and a sudden grin at Shuka's before turning back to Yuki with the same smirk on before continuing her sentence and saying with the largest smirk she had
"....but she's mine"

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