* XxxsaysomethingxxX - Sup! How would you feel if Elsa met another guy in Frozen two instead of Jack?

XD I would feel.................. REVENGE on that dude.

TwilightSky11 - RAGE.

THGdivergentElsa7402 - If it wasn't Jack, I would wish that it wasn't a jerk that would break Elsa's heart and crush her and kill Anna...... then I would scream.

Elsa_Winter - happy (JackXElsa=NO NO NO!!!!) no offence I don't like Jack with Elsa.

Dolphinsrule0802 - I would get up, walk away slowly, and call 911 and send the makers of the movie to a mental industry! / Do the same as THGdivergentElsa7402.

cocobean456 - NONONONONONONONONO!!!! I'd die!!!!

jennak23456789 - I don't know...

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