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Frozen Club!

Frozen Club!

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nibba By TwilightSky11 Updated Mar 15, 2015

This is the book, "Frozen Club"! You can probably guess what this is. (I hope 0_0) This is a club for any one who <3's Disney's FROZEN! :D
To participate in all of the activities in Frozen Club, you have to be a member! (Except for parody chapters.) Let me list them:
~Regular Chat/Topics! - In the comment bar, you can type in any topic that you would like to start! If you would like to have your comment added to a discussion, simply go to that chapter and type in what you'd like to say, and I'll post it on the chapter!
~Frozen Club Adventure Chapters! - These chapters are chapters I make for everyone's entertainment. These chapters include all (or most) of the characters in Frozen, as well as Frozen Club Members as well! All you have to do is find a Sign Up sheet, ask to be included in the next chapter, and you will! But only on one condition - you MUST PM me at least one idea for the chapter! This is so everyone is happy with it when I publish it!
(Read book 4 more!)

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