* Bunnylove05 - Do you think that Anna is the main character because she got frozen and she pulled the glove off of Elsa's hand at the Coronation?

TwilightSky11 - I suppose she is! Actually, many scenes in the movie takes place in Anna's view, and all we ever saw of Elsa was when she let it go, the Coronation, and the ending... and the beginning, when she was a kid. For some reason, though, I just think that both of them are the main characters...

zinadou - Yeah, both of them are, but Anna is a bit more because we saw more point of view from her.

Bunnylove05 - I really think Anna is the main character.

Queen_Ravenna - Meh, I think they are both the main characters.

Dolphinsrule0802 - I thought that too, until my mom told me that Anna was the main thang. Then I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

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