Hi! TwilightSky11 here! Sorry I haven't been updating this in a while... but as you can see, I just updated 3 chapters!

So anyways, for anyone who's wondering, it is NEVER too late to join! And just remember, I'll always say yes to anyone who wants to join!

While looking up random books on Wattpad, I have discovered... that this is the FIRST Frozen Club ever made!!!!! YAY!

Ok, I have a lot more news coming up.... I also have made a book called Minecraft Club! Not all of you might be fans of Minecraft, but if you are, anyone is welcome to join! (And if you want to be a member of it, I would really appreciate it if you commented in that book.) ; )

Also.... I ain't making another one of these books! I want to keep filling up this book with comments and comments and COMMENTS about Frozen! Anyways, if I did make a Frozen Club 2, you would have to spend your time looking it up, it would take up more space on your device, (unless you achieve it) and it is really hard to make more covers for all of these books!

*Gasps* Ok.... almost done here. Finally..... OMG 175 reads?!?! That. Is. AMAZING! This makes me the happiest person EVER, everyone!

Frozen forever, snowflakes!

; )

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