(A teeny tiny little part here and there is PG, soooo ya. Because we're attacking Hans. Tried to make it funny, but it's just craziness. :P)


TwilightSky11: DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!!!!!!!!

zinadou: *Runs with suitcase* I'm gonna slam his face in this suitcase at least 30 times!!!!!

Hans: Wait, what?! NOOO - OW! What - ow - are - ow - you - ow - doing - OW!

Anna: Some serious payback...

TwilightSky11: Where did you come from?!


zinadou: ...29, 30.

Hans: YES! *Runs away from zinadou*

TwilightSky11: DON'T YOU DARE! *Grabs Hans and holds frying pan above him* This is what you get for-

CuteCupcake989: WAIT!

*Everyone gasps*

CuteCupcake989: ... Let me help you with that. *Pulls out gigantic hammer*

Hans: O.O AAAAA-

TwilightSky11 and CuteCupcake989: CHAAAARGE!!!!!

Elsa: *Wakes up from nap* Hey.... Hans is getting beaten up! By an angry mob of girls! I have to be involved in this! *Jumps out of window so she can attack Hans*


CuteCupcake989: *Bonks Hans in the head one more time with the gigantic hammer*

Hans: O~O

TwilightSky11: Now... >: )

Dolphinsrule0802: >: ) *Releases a tiger and a hyena* AFTER HIM!

TwilightSky11: Ooh, a kitty cat! :D *Gets distracted*

Anna: *Facepalms*

Hans: 0_0 Um, nice kitty...

Hyena: GRRR...

Hans: Okay, I guess you're not a kitty - OUCH! Wait, hey... HEY, STOP THAT, THAT TICKLES!

Everyone: ?!

Elsa: *Comes flying in* Take that, you-

Anna: -Minecraft noob!

Notch: *Hears from far away* ?!

Hans: *Freezes from Elsa's ice powers*

Everyone: YAY!

Anna: *Leans against the block of ice Hans was in and accidentally melts it with her fire powers*

Everyone: O.O

TwilightSky11: Oh, no...

How did you like this so far? If you are a member and you didn't get a chance to PM me, I will update this FOREVER! MUAHAHAHAHAA-


That's right, Hans.... oh, and if you're a member and you would like something changed, I'll change it! I want all of the members to be happy with this! (If you already contributed, you can still give in more ideas!)

Bye... for now.


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