Hello, guys, TwilightSky11 here! I have a few announcements!

First of all, I am really, really, really, REALLY sorry if you commented and I haven't made an update for it in a long time! I'm just getting so many comments for this book!

Also, I'm ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by the amount of reads I'm getting from this! This book has 2.4 K reads!!! I'm so happy! Thank you, everyone! :D

Ever since I made that sign up 'sheet' (quote quote) for Frozen Club members that want to be in my next Frozen Club Adventures Chapter, (yeah, I've decided to call them that) called Frozen Fans Escape Minecraft, there has been volunteers, but NO ideas for the chapter! IF you are volunteering to be in that chapter, I would like it if you PM me at least 1 idea! It doesn't even have to be a big part of the chapter - just something simple. (For example, someone falling down a hole. XD) And don't worry, I have some ideas of my own!

Hmm, what else... oh yeah! My Minecraft Club is slowly getting more members, and that means more comments. That means it could get harder to update chapters in this book! : ( Unfortunately, that means the same thing for Minecraft Club! Sorry, guys! I'll try my best, I promise!

Speaking of which, I am STILL WORKING ON THAT PARODY CHAPTER!!!!! UGH!!!!! It's taking so long because - well, you know. Lots of comments comments comments, and those kind of parodies are long. :/

Haha, one more thing! Even though I think that I have covered most of the comments, I may have skiped a couple! Tell me, okay? Also tell me if you changed your username so I can fix up the members list!

Thank you all for the comments, votes, and support for this book! Stay awesome, snowflakes! (And be prepared - A WAVE OF CHAPTERS IS COMING!!!!!)

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