* CuteCupcake989 - Apparently Rapunzel and Elsa are cousins and Elsa's mum and Rapunzel's mum are sisters I think.

TwilightSky11 - Yeah. That's what I hear over Wattpad every once in a while.... but the thing is, how?!

Sailor_Moon_Lovr - I've always wondered how people got the idea of Anna and Elsa being cousins with Rapunzel.

cocobean456 - O.O

Dolphinsrule0802 - I guess people assume it because Elsa has powers (ice) Rapunzel has powers (healing) so maybe that's why.

adgminer - No, Disney came up with it. Well, that's what I heard.

Elsa_Winter - I think it is Elsa and Anna's dad who is related to Rapunzel's mum, they look more alike.

susieunicorn - The Queen from Tangled is the king's (from Frozen) sister.

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