* Elsa_Winter - I don't really like Jelsa or Jackunzel. When it comes to Frozen, I read what if OLAF was Anna's love interest?!

TwilightSky11 - Olaf?!

cocobean456 - XDDDDD *FACEPALM*

zinadou - Snowman marries human. XD

luv2writeandread - That would be interesting. I'm okay with Jelsa, but Jack and Rapunzel, no way.

Dolphinsrule0802 - Awwwww, that would be so cute! Olaf could be like, "I want to go to the beach!" and then "I want Anna to come!"

Bunnylove05 - Ahhhh so cute XD

THGdivergentElsa7402 - I kinda thought that Elsa would fall in love with Olaf but ummmm... she created him so awkward.

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