* adgminer - What is yall's favorite part of the movie? Mine was when Anna punched Hans off the boat!

TwilightSky11 - My favorite part was when Elsa told Anna that you can't marry a guy you just met. It cracked me up. It's so true, and yet that's the only Disney movie that even says that!

zinadou - @TwilightSky11 - Ikr? That coming from a Disney movie is quite ironic.

cocobean456 - My favorite part was when Anna's hair was turning white. Anna asked if it looked bad. Kristoff said no. Then Olaf pops up and says, "You hesitated."

Dolphinsrule0802 - I love the part when Elsa was building her ice castle and it backed it up at the end. SO. AWESOME!

luv2writeandread - I liked 'Love is an Open Door'.

QueenElsa419 - Mine was when Elsa took down her hair. I was forever doing that.

AngelLovesWriting25 - My favorite part was when Olaf was inpaled. HILARIOUS.

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