* Trainer_Aura - What's the funniest part?

TwilightSky11 - Funniest part? Hmm....I think the funniest was when... When.... OH, THIS IS TOO HARD! >:/ Oh, I know! When Anna punched Hans off the boat at the end. :D LOL!

luv2writeandread - I think it was when Kristoff was going to tell Olaf the bad news.

Dolphinsrule0802 - I think it's when....... TwilightSky11 it IS too hard!!! I guess when Olaf sung, 'Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I'll be a-' an when he looks at the puddle that rhymes with cuddle, instead he says, 'HAPPY SNOWMAN!!!'

Bunnylove05 - When Olaf meets Anna and Kristoff it's so cute!

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